Coloured exterior wall render

External coloured through render monocouche wall covering

External coloured through render

Does your home need a new coat of render?

Are the walls cracked and scruffy looking?

Do you want your home weatherproofed, insulated and protected from rain, frost and snow?

All of these common building problems, and much more, can be quickly and easily cured with the application of a coat of coloured render, supplied and applied by experts, and it never needs painting.

We look at a coloured monocouche rendering, which is a weatherproof, insulated, polymer-modified, coloured through render wall coating system for exterior walls, and is applied by skilled, factory trained technicians.

It can cure all exterior wall defects, it can stop penetrating damp, and it requires no maintenance or painting, for at least 25 years! It also helps insulate your home, saving you a lot of money in lower heating bills.

What is “through-coloured” render?

Getting back to talking about coloured renders,  GRC coloured render is a high performance coloured render based exterior wall coating system, manufactured in Belgium by Cantillana, although we have used K-rend products where specified.

The colour is contained in a special pigment, which is mixed into the render, meaning that when it is applied to the outside of a building, the wall surface is a rich, uniform colour of your choosing that requires no painting at all ever again!

This special render is SIMILAR to products such as K-rend and Weber render products. It is also known as “Through render”, “monocap” and “monocouche”.

The benefits of polymer coloured render:

  • Will not crack or fall off and remains the same colour throughout it’s lifespan.
  • Completely waterproof and weatherproof to protect your home against the UK weather.
  • Various finishes available including fine textured, dashed, smooth and scraped texture
  • Will not fade and keeps a strong natural colour for years.
  • Insulates the house, cutting heating bills and saving money.
  • Does NOT need repainting over over-painting. The colour goes all the way through the render.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY on not having to have any external decoration for at least 25 years.
  • Can be applied to almost any house or commercial building, old or new build.
  • Competitively priced and all similar quotes beaten.
  • Adds years of life to any property and provides a brand new wall finish.
  • Pays for itself by adding value to your house.

What does coloured render look like?

There is nothing more explanatory then showing you what this product looks like on someone else’s house, rather than us show you some bags of cement! Far more interesting too. So we put together a few photos of a typical coloured rendering job, to show how we apply it and what it looks like when we have finished.

The example on this page shows a recently external render completed job in Ormskirk, Lancashire.


laying up the render scratch coat

The coloured render we use is based on a mix of co-polymer resins, cement and glass fibre, meaning it is super tough and resists damp, whilst being moderately flexible and fully breathable.


CRACK RESISTANT GRC render wall coating system is available in a variety of colours.


The coloured render system, once applied to the walls of a house, gives the external surface of the building a long lasting, damp proof, durable wall finish, with a never fade colour you can really stand back and admire for years to come, with zero maintenance!


All about Monocouche render.


The scratch coat (the first coat of render to be applied to the house), is a polymer base coat which is specially designed for painted surfaces and although it’s not the cheapest product available, it is well suited to homeowners who do not want the hassle of maintenance at all.


The GRC render also has an added strength of incorporating a plastic mesh as a strengthening binder, and is “pushed” into the base coat to provide EVEN MORE strength and durability.

Each job has custom made render which is suited to your home, including your desired colour and exterior wall finish, textured or smooth.

The material can be mixed and matched with other products like clear coatings on stone.

This render really is the TOUGHEST and MOST DURABLE coloured render available.

This job had to have various repairs to the walls, although generally it had been maintained well and was in quite good condition. The house had a a coat of render applied which was then scratched out by the team to ensure a good key for the coloured render top coat to be applied.


2nd job applying the coloured render coatingIt is important to have a weatherproof wall coating on an exterior wall as this is the surface around the house that has to withstand the harsh weather, wind driven rain, pollution and cold.


For architects, builders and all the techy bods out there, In installing this system via our dedicated rendering teams, we adhere to The Code of Practice for Renders BS 5262 1991 and NBS Building Specification section M20

It also helps in compliance with Section B2 of the Building Regulations & the obligations under the Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety) order, known as (RRFSO).

….and in a world where most people now have to watch the pennies, not only do we guarantee to beat any like for like quote from a render exterior wall coating company, but as we offer a long guarantee on these rendered external wall surface finishes, you can be sure to save a LOT of money in the long run on future maintenance!

The last photo shows the father and son plastering team, Andy and Gary, who did the job, and as you can see the customer was delighted! We pride ourselves on only using master craftsmen and time served plasterers to do the work, this is major improvement here, NOT a quick DIY job.


Get a quote for rendering. We take care of all types of exterior wall rendering including repairs to render, pebbledash removal and re-rendering and all types of coloured render

The rendering team finish the job!

Not only that (yes there is EVEN MORE TO BE GLAD ABOUT!) …

Render wall coatings have special insulating properties, meaning that your home will NOT suffer from damp, and the coating cuts wind chill and cold walls also, meaning you will also save a small fortune on future heating bills!


We take great care in getting the render wall finish just right

It is important to take great care in getting the render wall finish just right

All site visits at your request, are free and without obligation, and advice is given on a range of building problems and solutions, backed up with a free written survey report for you to keep.

K-rend sample colour chart

K-rend coloured render products