Demonstration of the flexibility of our wall coatings

never paint your house ever again!
SUPER FLEXIBLE! This wall coating on your house will not crack!

Our expertly manufactured exterior flexible exterior wall coatings are exceptionally durable, fully breathable and yet flexible enough to cope with the most demanding situations. They also make your house look fabulous and remove the need for yearly re-painting too!

All materials used carry industry accreditation certificates, meaning that we only use the best wall coatings products available and our claims of durability are fully endorsed by official bodies and covered with a 20 year insurance backed guarantee.

As our textured coatings demonstration… (ABOVE AND BELOW)  …shows, not only is the wall coating sample exceptionally flexible and durable, it can be distorted to such an extent that other paints or coatings would fail and simply crack

Flexible Wall Coatings Demo

If our houses were flexing and moving as much as these coating samples are, we would have to get out pretty quickly!

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Thankfully, this sort of flexing and movement in a paint finish will never happen in normal circumstances, but what we hope we can show you here is that no matter what the weather throws at an NPA external wall coating, it will repel it, stay looking great, and will outlast many other paint and coating finishes for years to come.

In fact it’s been proven that these wall coverings lasts up to 25 years but don’t take our word for it, check out our report on the accelerated weather testing that our wall coatings are subject to.

Our wall coatings are suitable for all types of house

It is suitable for ALL wall surfaces, from Stone, masonry, render, plaster, Tyrolean, pebbledash, stucco, asbestos, sheet materials, timber frame, brick, block and many more, in fact take a look at the GALLERY PAGE to see it in action!

side close up after textured coating
The side close up after textured coating

From the hot California sunshine to the icy chill on remote Scottish islands, we can help you achieve where other paints and wall coverings have failed.

Never Paint Again exterior wall coatings can protect your home against the weather, with a 20 year warranty backed guarantee!

Whether you are a trade contractor, painter and decorator or are a member of the public, we can custom make a wall coating to meet your individual paint or wall coating needs.

Whatever colour, shade or texture coating you need, we can provide exactly what you require, based upon the information you give us, the type, style and condition of your house, but more specifically, the condition of the outside walls.

If we feel that your house would not suit a textured wall coating for example, we will advise you to perhaps consider another coating such as a smooth or a fine textured wall coating. Unlike many of our pressure selling competitors.

The choice is yours, not ours!

It wont cost you a penny to enquire, there is no obligation (we even pay for the call) and you may be surprised with the expert advice you get!

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