front of house after painting with wall coatings

20 year guaranteed Rendering and exterior wall coating for this house in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Another example of our Never Paint Again wall coatings treatment, this house in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire needed render repairs & a fresh new weatherproof paint scheme, which we were only too happy to oblige.

The property also required minor alterations to be done by ourselves, along with repairing a multitude of cracks, rendering, and then applying our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating.

This page explains our processes and methods employed when we repair and paint a property.

From feedback received, we find our potential customers appreciate us showing them the whole process as we are not your everyday painting and decorating company.

We do things a little differently, in fact you may be asking “what are exterior wall coatings?” We have a massive amount of information on our site to answer any question you may have.

Hopefully upon seeing how thorough our house repainting and repairing work is, you may be tempted to contact us for a quote?

On day one we knew the house needed some repairs so this is what we did.

ront of huntingdon house with cracks and hollow render

Not particularly nice looking is it, and that is obviously why we were called out in the first place. You can clearly see a lot of cracks on the walls.

Our installation team member in the photo obviously wanted to offer you his own rather “visual” opinion  on the state of the house!

Cracks (the ones on houses, not on our team member) will get worse over time if not attended to by a professional.

If a crack is not properly repaired it WILL get worse over time, causing the render to become hollow and allowing damp into the property, meaning costly repairs.

And as our wall coating system requires a wall in good condition, in order for it to last its full 20 years, we always and without fail attend to problem wall areas such as cracks and loose render, before we even open a tin of paint.

The rear of the house was in an even worse state of repair

poor rendering and lintel over old doorway

So we now have a house that needs repairs to render and cracks fixing all around.

Does this sound like your house?

This is the sort of job that a traditional painter and decorator would walk away from as they don’t like to do repairs, they just paint over everything, and lo and behold, after a year or two it looks like a dog’s dinner and you have to call them back and pay them AGAIN to repaint it.

Not us.

Once we carry out all the repairs to the bits that need fixing and making good, we mask up the windows and apply 2 different types of primer/stabiliser to the walls, like this…..

rear of huntingdon home in bagging coating before wall coatings

As you can see, to avoid mess, we always cover the windows, pipes and doors with paper, and put dust sheets down on the floor, so once we finish, we leave the house so clean you would never know we had been there!

Remember our house painting system lasts for 20 years, as opposed to masonry paint which will last for only a couple of years, and our products undergo rigorous weathering tests so when we say it lasts for 2 decades, we mean it!

We applied the first cement-based stabiliser coat to the front of the house, and where it is drying out, you can see the areas where we repaired the cracks.

front of house in masking before wall coating

Once the primer coating is applied (by hand) the repaired areas of wall will not be seen.

This is something that if we used normal masonry paint, we would not be able to achieve as normal paint is actually very thin.

This is in contrast to our exterior wall coatings which are up to 20 times the thickness of normal paints and will give any house a pleasing and uniform finish, on pebbledash, stone, brick or render, plus our house painting system comes with a 20 year guarantee.

The next state is to apply the Wethertex primer coat to the whole house.

front of house in wall coating primer coat


Apart from the work we did to the outside walls of the house, we also had to repair and weatherproof the chimney.

The exposed stonework below was re-pointed using lime mortar, and then the chimney breast was coated with our wall coating to match the rest of the house.

We can also do chimney restoration, as seen in the photo below.


gable end and chimney after exterior painting

We are not chimney specialists though and only work on a chimney stack when we are working on the rest of a house, we don’t repair chimneys on their own, you need a roofing company to do that.

Although this house is in Cambridgeshire, we actually cover the whole of the country so it easy to get a wall coating quote, just speak to us, we’re open 7 days a week!

The final stages in applying our weatherproof wall coating system

The last bit of what you can clearly see is a very intense and thorough programme of works, is to apply our wall coating.

It goes on by spray and although it looks just like a high quality paint job, it’s so much more than that, plus it will not need repainting for 20 years.

rear of house with wethertex wall coating spray applied

As you can see the house has been fully repaired by our expert teams, has had several primer coats and a top coat of Wethertex MP44 exterior textured masonry coating.

This may look expensive to you but I assure you it is not!

Not only that, we realise we are not the only company doing this kind of work, so we guarantee to beat any quote you may have received from another wall coating company.

What are the benefits of our system over a normal paint job?

  • Your house can be painted at any time of year, INCLUDING WINTER.
  • Our exterior wall coatings won’t fade, chip, crack or peel, guaranteed.
  • The coating solution resists the build up of dirt, algae, mould and pollution
  • This system includes insulation and therefore lowers your winter home heating bills
  • Our paints, renders and coatings are guaranteed 20 years
  • This system conceals all cracks, uneven walls and scars as you saw on this page.
  • The coating cures all mould and penetrating damp for good.
  • Our company has been in business since 1986 with offices around the UK.
  • We have hundreds of testimonials from previous customers
  • Our wall coatings save money over time, and we can prove that.

The final photo of the front, compared with how it used to look, speaks volumes about the high quality of work we offer

front of house after painting with wall coatings

This house will now not need repairs or repainting for the next 20 years.

To find out how much this will cost to have done to your house, give us a call on (0800) 970 4928 or send the team an email.  

Please be sure to include a contact phone number. You can also send us photos of your house after submitting the secure contact form.

While you are here, please feel free to browse through our completed jobs to see what a difference a Never Paint Again wall coating can do to your house.

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