House in exposed location with wall coating AFTER

A wall coating for a guest house in Keswick, Cumbria to keep the wind chill at bay

This is “Skiddaw Grove Guest house” near Keswick, in the Cumbria lake District which enjoys beautiful and spectacular views over mountains and lakes, however this house really took a battering from the elements. 

We show you how our durable exterior wall coating can protect a building, especially one in an exposed location such as this.

The house walls are surfaced in a painted rough cast, or tyrolean coating, and needed painting each year to keep it looking good.

As you can see from the size of the house, this was no easy task and the owners wanted to rid themselves of having to paint it each year.

The guest house is part of a large and welcoming accommodation comprising of the guest house part itself with: 2 double beds with bath and shower ,1 twin bed with bath and shower , 1 single bed with shower, 1 family room with en-suite shower room.

In addition the property has 4 large holiday apartments for rental.

It’s a lovely place to stay, however I’m not here to advertise the guest house, I will explain what we did on this property.

Whilst working on this lovely property, we took great advantage of the quite stunning views from the property, a pity we didn’t take some photos of that too, so we nicked one from their website and this is the view that our teams enjoyed whilst painting the house.

The view from this guest house was amazing!

Bed and Breakfast Keswick view
The view from this house!

There were several areas of blown render and hollow patches of tyrolean coating which needed to be expertly repaired and matched in, before we could start anything.

As a general overview of the state of the walls we took this photo showing how the local weather conditions would simply rip normal paint off the wall!

Look at the background too, to see how exposed a location this is. The wind-driven rain has literally ripped the paint clean off the walls.

Flaky paint on rendered wall
Flaky paint on rendered wall

Guest house painting contractors at your service!

The next image we have for you shows a view of what the front looked like before we applied the weatherproof coating.

This house needed to be painted every single year due it’s exposed location, and based on how big the property is, that certainly was not cheap, one reason why a longer life protective paint system was at the forefront of the customers mind!

Because this house is a business, closing down for yearly painting costs far more than just the paint if you see what I mean?

Front of Keswick house before we started exterior painting
Front of Keswick house before we started exterior painting

An overview of the work we did to the house

The first thing the team did was to power wash the house to remove flaky paint, moss, mould and algae, which was very important before we started work protecting the external walls from the weather.

We masked up the windows, and laid dust sheets to protect all areas not receiving the exterior wall coating treatment, and working only on one elevation at a time where possible (as this is a working guest house).

We took utmost care in avoiding any disruption to the owners business whilst works were taking place.

We then coated the entire wall surface area with a bonded latex resin, cement based primer, then a good coat of  slush coat (primer) and then spray applied our exterior wall coating system, highly durable, colour fast, and now a totally weatherproof house!

No More painting!

Once we had done all the paint work we took these shots


The front of the guest house with Andura weatherproof masonry coatings
The front of the guest house with weatherproof masonry coatings

And to top it off here is a view from the front of the house and you can compare the difference by scrolling up a bit to see the before image….

This property will not need painting for 20 years

A guest house protected and weatherproofed from the Cumbria weather
A guest house protected and weatherproofed from the Cumbria weather

The big difference between using paint on the hotel each year and then using an exterior wall coating instead, means that the hotel will now not need any more painting, nor repairs, for at least 20 years, and the property is fully protected against all kinds of British weather.

So why does a house in Keswick need weatherproofing?

Well, to be honest most houses across the UK need weatherproofing but the weather in exposed locations like this place, can really damage the paint on the outside.

In this area, they actually enjoy really good summers with the average summer temp. being around 60 degrees.

The problem here is the fact that if we look at the average rainfall for the area, they get a right drenching with an annual average of around 120mm a year, which is not half as bad as the rainfall for October all the way through to March the next year when the area expects to get around 160mm of rain!

Having one of the special coatings on your house, which are fully breathable, your home gets protected from all this and more, which is something that paint never does, plus you get a 20 year guarantee too!

Interested? Then go to the contact page now to email us for more info and prices.

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