The A to Z of paints and wall coatings

Want to find out more about Exterior wall coatings and external masonry paints, how to apply, safety precautions, top tips, hits and tricks of the trade?

Read the definitive guide to Wall coatings by G A Bell of Never Paint Again UK.

This article, as you can tell by the title is a step by step guide, A to Z (if we can find a related term for the letter Z !), all about what we do: Exterior wall coatings, house painting and external rendering. So here we go…..

Exterior wall coatings from A to Z

a to z of wall coatings

A: is for the Amazing properties our exterior wall coatings have!

They don’t chip, crack, fade, flake or peel!

B: Is for “bagging”, the process whereby our exterior coating teams mix sand, cement and bonding primers into a slurry paste which is then hand applied to the wall. This not only stabilises friable and loose wall surfaces, it also fill sin small holes and gaps in pointing mortar joints.

C: is for Coatings: Our range of weatherproof exterior wall coatings really can make your house maintenance free, warm and dry!

D: is for Deterioration. This is the term to describe an exterior wall not protected from the effects of the weather and can lead to cracks in the walls of a house, and poor waterproofing.

E: is for España Never Paint Again Wall Coatings have been applied to homes in Spain too!

F: is for finding out more about your house to give you a FREE price quote! Our surveyors take a good objective look at the exterior of your home, identifying problem areas like cracks and hollow render, to explain the steps we would take to remedy them. F is also for FLAKY PAINT.

G: is for Guy Alexander Bell, the owner of Never Paint Again and editor of this website (!), who is always on hand to offer free and helpful advice on a whole range of exterior home problems, why not send him an email with your question?

H: is for Houses, the “canvas” for our art! We can take any house, no matter what size and in what condition, and fully repair it before applying our range of weatherproof wall coatings or coloured rendering systems!

I: is for Ingress of water, which is the term used when damp or water, which your walls are supposed to keep out, fail, and then water or moisture gets into the houses and causes damp. All never paint again wall coating products CURE DAMP in houses.

J: Is for jealousy! Our competitors just cant fathom our why we do so well and why our customers are always so happy! Let them carry on guessing, in fact it’s hilarious to watch!

K: is for Key, the term used when we apply a primer or base product with the intention of providing good adherence or “key” to a render or coating to go on top of a final decorative finish. A good example is a render scratch coat which has liens etched into it to provide a “key” for the top coat of render.

L: is for Long-Life wall coatings, made by Wethertex and applied by the never paint again team to your house!

M: is for Masonry walls, coated and protected with long life wall coatings! M is also for masonry paint.

N: is for Nice looking houses, all protected from the elements with a nice new wall coating from Never Paint Again UK!

O: is for Original. The original and best never paint again! Beware of poor copies.

P: is for Protection. Your home is under constant attack from the frost, wind and rain,. Protect your walls with the most durable exterior wall coatings on the market today, Andura, Supplied and applied by Never Paint Again.

Q: is for Questions, we love hearing from our customers and members of the public too. If you have a question, phone us up and ask, it wont cost you a penny, we even pay for the call! (UK ONLY: 0800 970 4928)

R is for R-value, the method of measuring thermal assistance and this method is employed when calculating the required thickness of an exterior insulated render system for a customer,. The higher the R value, the better the heat retention.

S: is for Spraying exterior wall coatings onto your wall with a GRACO president spray machine, imported from the USA and used by the exterior wall coating teams to apply viscous, durable exterior resin based wall coatings.

T: is for Textures. Our exterior wall coatings are available in a range of wall textures, from smooth to coarse.

U is for U-value, the measurement of heat loss and the lower the u-value means less heat loss from the home, better insulation and effective lower fuel bills. Building regulations regarding the specifying of u-values has become very stringent over the past 10 years to give buildings better insulation and reduce heating due to global consumption.

V: is for V-cutting cracks in walls with an angle grinder to open them out slightly at the face of the crack in order to inject an epoxy resin mortar to stabilise and bond the crack, before covering over with a fine exterior wall filler to match the wall. This cracks in walls system is used in preparation works before we start to apply primers ready for an exterior wall coating.

W: is for Wall coatings! (What else could it be for!?)

X is for the X-factor! Give your home that special feeling with our wall coating system!

Z: is for Z-bar flashing– Bent, galvanized metal flashing that’s installed above an exterior window, door, or “soldier course”, which is the line of upended bricks commonly found above openings such as doors or windows.

We hope that this article has informed and entertained you!

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