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You won’t like it if your house has penetrating damp, so here’s how to cure it

Damp problems and issues in your house can cause considerable discomfort and health issues.

We show you why mould is so bad, and how you can go about fixing it.

House damp issues can manifest themselves in a variety of ways.

Some damp is clearly seen and very easy to identify, such as mould spots on internal walls, or patches of interior wall that actually feel damp and cold. This is damp you can see.

Some aspects of dampness are harder to ascertain and sometimes are only found by having a survey of your home conducted by a wall coatings expert, who may find damp you could not see at first.

We offer a range of services that permantly cure penetrating damp, so read on.

We have experience on curing all kinds of damp that can affect your home, specialising in the problem of penetrating damp and all the issues that come with it.

Damp in your house can not only be a damn nuisance, it can affect your health too.

Beware of the black mould spores!

Ok, it sounds like a bad B-movie you may have seen years ago, but in reality in can be the worst horror for your house, especially also if you are trying to sell it to move on in life.

mould on a wall can be cured by never paint again

If your exterior walls are only covered with cheap paint, or maybe pebbledash that has lost the stones, or render with cracks, all these things can let dampness into the house.

Should you be worried about damp you cannot see? Yes you should.

During cold spells, water in the house walls freezes, causing millions of tiny thread cracks, which get worse and worse as the ice inside the bricks expand and break down the integrity of the bricks.

This culminates in extreme weathering and deterioration of the walls, which then brings the problems you were trying to ignore, INSIDE the house, forcing you to take often expensive action.

Penetrating damp problems can be bad for your health

In addition, the appearance of black mould spores inside the house is a very BAD sign.

These spores are like microscopic toxic pollen which germinates like any other plant life by emitting the spores into the air, inside your house.

These will be breathed in by those who live in the house and in the end can cause major breathing problems, or for asthma sufferers, the problem will get worse.

In many cases, having a mouldy house with toxic spores in the air is worse for your health than smoking.

get rid of cigarette smell

No-one, unless they are desperate, will buy a house with a penetrating damp problem, unless its for a knock down price.

In some cases, you would NOT be granted a mortgage on the property unless the damp was cured, so in essence spending money on having us cure your damp, should mean in theory, whatever you spend will be returned when the house is sold

How to spot signs of damp penetration into your house.

Damp manifests its ugly head in a few ways:

  • Wet patches internally.
  • Walls feeling very cold despite the heating being on.
  • Cracks in the walls (internally or externally).
  • Rusting metal drip beads around edges of walls.
  • Plaster or render coming away and falling off.
  • A musty “wet dog” smell around the house.
  • Excessive condensation on the windows.

What our damp experts do to fix penetrating damp.

When we say we are damp experts, we really do mean it, in fact eight regional British newspapers also reckoned we were damp experts!

We can spot penetrating damp through our rigorous survey methods, if you haven’t already spotted the damp yourself and called us in anyway.

We use a variety of damp proofing methods to solve and cure the damp in your home, all of which comes with a 20 guarantee!

20 year guarantee warranty

If your home is unpainted and you want to keep it that way but enjoy the BENEFITS of wall protection, then consider our clear wall coating system known as Wetherdry, which comes with a full wall refurbishment and repair package.

Unlike other clear waterproofers, it does not simply sit on top of the brick, it soaks into the brick, using the same tiny channels as the water entering the wall, but crystalises and forms a breathable barrer inside the bricks.

If your home needs a good and thorough makeover, and a new coat of paint, then you would be better off choosing our famous Never Paint Again wall coating system which is a weatherproof, long lasting paint finish, suitable for all types of walls.

freshly painted pebbledash houses by the coast

It will not fade, chip, crack or peel, as well as stopping all kinds of damp in the house.

This system can be applied by our factory trained teams in less than a week and is available 12 months of the year.

It protects against erosion and the efefcts of the British weather and can be installed to most homes within just a few days.

Both of these wall coating systems cure all instances of penetrating damp.

The COST of the system is far cheaper than you may think, despite the sheer amount of work that goes into the wall coating work, however we guarantee to BEAT THE PRICE of any competitor, providing you have their quote in writing to prove it!

If your home suffers from damp, why not take advantage of our free home survey offer?

Call us to book an appointment on 0800 970 4928 or send the team an email here

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