Bishop Auckland after wall coating

Outside house painting, an example on a damp and cold stone house in County Durham

People choose to have us paint their home for a variety of reasons, and more often than not, it’s because the outside of their property needs far more than just a simple lick of paint!

Does your house need more than your local painter and decorator is willing to take on? Does the property have damp issues and maybe a whole lot more?

Help is at hand!

Here’s an example of a home we worked on recently, in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, which was built of traditional local stone, but over the years had suffered badly with damp penetrating into the building.

We’re going to briefly show you what we did to this property, highlighting three of the main stages of how we weatherproof and protect a building, giving it lasting damp protection for up to, and over, 20 years, guaranteed.

You can always rely on NPA for genuine photos of jobs that ourselves or our approved contractors have carried out around the country, since 1986.

Many rival house painting websites show photos scanned from supplier catalogues, or they steal photos from other websites, so be warned!

Fixing up the outside of an old home in County Durham.

The first thing our team does when they arrive on site is to start carrying out repairs to each elevation to be treated.

As we offer a no quibble 20 year guarantee on our wall coatings, nothing is left to chance when we repair the house, so any cracks, are cut out and filled with an epoxy resin mortar and then matched back into the wall.

Most painters and decorators in Durham would not do this level of prep work.

On rendered houses, we also replace the hollow or loose render if needed, and this also applies to homes with pebbledash.

We then mask up the doors and the windows so as to not make any mess, and of course we lay dust sheets down on the lawns and the paths.

We then concocted a cement slurry, using sand, cement, water and a PVA mix, and brushed it across the wall.

Bishop Auckland during bagging coat

This is much harder than it looks by the way, and this article is written by someone who has actually spent many years actually DOING THE WORK you see on this site.

As you can see, although the outside doesn’t look great just now, the pointing that was missing has now been filled in, and any friability or loose elements to the surface have been cured, giving us an excellent key and a starting point for the rest of the process.

We have to wait a day until this dries, weather permitting, and then we have to wrap the house up in masking paper once again, in readiness for the second stage, the primer coating.

Applying a primer on the outside before our wall coatings can be sprayed.

Now the house is repaired, the wall is stabilised and we have protected the areas not to receive paint, we continue with hand applying a primer coating across the whole wall.

Bishop Auckland house with primer coating on wall

The image above shows us getting ready for spraying the textured coating onto the wall and note the spray machine in the foreground.

As NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured masonry coatings are viscous, unlike masonry paint, we have to use pressure spray to apply it to the house.

This is adjustable by the operator, giving him complete control over the rate of flow and the coverage required, which has to be altered to suit different wall surfaces.

When more than a coat of paint is needed

The owner of this home had a pretty bad problem with the stone walls soaking up rainwater, which as they are solid walls and don’t have a cavity, the dampness was easily transferred inside the house, ruining curtains, carpets and plaster and giving the place that “wet dog” smell that no-one likes.

Apart from dogs.

This is a prime example of why people choose us and not a local painter and decorator because we offer far more than a lick of paint, curing all wall defects and eliminating all kinds of damp, mould and mildew, guaranteed!

The finished article: Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

Bishop Auckland after wall coating

The walls of this house are now fully weatherproofed and damp proofed too, in fact only a week after the work took place, the owner told us he was so happy at the fact the walls inside were finally drying out after years of water penetration!

Not only that, the exterior of this house will now not need repainting for at least 20 years.

We have many more examples of our wall coating work in County Durham, in places such as Barnard Castle, Chester-le-Street, Consett, Darlington, Durham, Hartlepool and some of the more rural areas so get in contact with us today.

If your home needs more than a lick of paint, don’t suffer in silence, give us a call on (0800) 970 4928 or click to CONTACT US.

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