elburton bungalow masking and bagging

Painting a mismatched pebbledash bungalow with a wall coating

This another one of our case studies involving work to pebbledashed houses, something we get asked to paint quite frequently. This particular pebble-dashed bungalow in the area of Elburton, near Plymouth in Devon, had  evidence of previous repairs and alterations which made the appearance untidy. The owners asked us to totally repaint it with...

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How to mask up a house for spraying wall coatings

It is very important when applying any spray applied paint or exterior wall finish, to mask up all areas that are not to be sprayed. This short guide explains how we in the trade can mask up a house quickly and easily whilst carrying out external redecoration work. (Masking can also apply to internal...

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How to clean your exterior textured wall coating

Although exterior wall coatings and some exterior masonry paints are technically self cleaning, houses next to busy roads can pick dirt up over time. Here is how to clean the outside walls of your house in the professional way, and with minimal equipment or knowledge....

The pros and cons of painting exterior brick walls

In the better weather, many home owners often think seriously about updating or refreshing the external appearance of their homes with a coat of fresh paint but what if you have bare brick walls and you want to paint them? The most important word to remember about painting exterior brick walls: permanence. It’s a...

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A terraced house in Plymouth painted with a wall coating

Painting a Victorian Terraced House in Peverell, Plymouth

This late Victorian house in Peverell, Plymouth, had been neglected over the years and needed much exterior repair and decoration work. The new owners had sympathetically restored the inside to a very high standard,  putting back in all the lovely features that previous owners had ripped out over the years, and the last job...

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A brick built country house painted with an exterior wall coating

Archived case study: Painting a grand country house

The mainstay of the painting work we do is often to terraced, 4 bed detached, semi’s and so on, but now and again we get the chance to paint somewhere that we can only dream of living in. This grand brick-built English country home needed the exterior repaired and painted.  The old walls were...

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