front of house after Andura Wall coating

Render & weatherproof wall coating on a house in the Guisely area of Leeds

This house in Guiseley, Leeds required repairs to the render and a new coat of paint.

We explain why is our house painting is so good and why it comes with a 20 year guarantee against fading, cracking peeling or chipping.

This is the work we did to protect this house from the famous Leeds weather!

As you can see from the gallery images below, this house, albeit a delightful place, had some problems and issues with the render, insofar as there were quite a few cracks in the walls. Does your house also have these problems?

Not only were there lots of cracks, there also were patches of hollow and loose render which needed to be repaired before anything could be done to the walls.

The owner was well aware that paying a decorator to paint the house yet again, after only being done 16 months ago, was a false economy.

This was especially true as the house was large, so even painting it with normal paint each year was fairly expensive.

This photo shows us carrying out the repairs to the render on the walls

repairs and masking before primer


The photo above shows the stage where we have done the repairs like the cracks and the rendering, and now we have masked up the windows as we are going to put some primer onto the wall.

Here we can see the view from the side of the house, which was where it caught the wet and windy weather, meaning that the top half had to have quite a bit of rendering done to make it good again.

More rendering!

Rendering the gable end of a house in Leeds
Rendering the gable end of a house in Leeds

This is what the same elevation looked like after we had done the repairs, the primer and the top coat of a special plasticised wall coating that resists the frequently awful British weather, as I am sure many residents of Leeds would agree with me on that forecast!

Freshly painted and looking a whole lot better for it too!

Gable end with a textured wall coating
Gable end with a textured wall coating

We completed all the repairs, which as I mentioned earlier, were mainly cracks, masked up the house and protected the lawns and paths etc, and then applied a coat of slush primer, and then spray applied a good thick coating of Andura classic fine textured wall coating, in white.

This house now has a special paint that lasts over 20 years, and comes with a written guarantee

front after Andura Wall coating


The exterior wall finish products our (Leeds based) coating application team used on this particular home have a proven track record since the 1970’s.

This house will now NOT require exterior decorating for at least the next 20 years and costs less than HALF the price of render based exterior wall coatings.

Here is another photo of the freshly painted wall

A white painted house using special weather-resistant coatings
A white painted house using special weather-resistant coatings

These special exterior wall surface restoration coverings act like paint, in a decorative way, but they are far more versatile, hard wearing and durable, and last for up to 20 years.

This means this lovely white house will stay white, for 20 years, and will go on protecting the building from the weather, guaranteed.


Call us now on (0800) 970 4928 for specifications, prices and availability.

All our staff, surveyors and contractors are based in Leeds.

Project carried out by: The Never Paint Again Wall Coating Co., Unit 2, Dolly lane Business centre, Dolly lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS9 7NN .

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