mold and damp on a house wall and floor

Top tips for getting rid of damp and mould in the home

Does your house have black mould on the internal walls? This could be a warning sign suggesting your property is suffering from penetrating damp. This is a common problem often found in older homes, and unless dealt with quickly, can seriously affect your health. This article will give you some actionable tips to not only...Continue reading

house after painting with happy customer

What paint or coating products will cure damp walls?

Weatherproofing Wall Coatings are the ideal method to cure all kinds of exterior wall issues, such as damp walls, cracked render, wet bricks, loose render, untidy pebbledash and bricks in poor condition. If your home has any of these problems, isn’t it about time you at least got someone around who knows what they are...Continue reading

mold and damp on a house wall and floor

The effects of damp in houses and how to solve the problem

Does your house suffer from damp?  Are the inside walls frequently wet? Are there any patches of black mould inside? Do you and your family suffer from asthma or get colds frequently? Do you spend a lot on heating your home? Does your house smell damp and musty?

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