Never Paint Again, painting houses all year round!

I originally wrote this in mid November, a time you may think where all house painters and decorators have shut up shop for the winter, yes? Not so. Did you know that we paint the exterior of houses all year round and yes, that includes the colder winter months, so how can we do...

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front of Liverpool house with exterior textured wall coating-min

Painting a terraced house with Wethertex wall coatings

Now and again we pick random completed wall coating jobs and display them on our site, and here is yet another example of what we do to people’s homes, the sheer level of preperation that goes into each and every job is evident! Here’s a 2 bedroom terraced house in central Liverpool with the...

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Painting a row of 3 houses in Colwyn bay with wall coatings

A terrace of houses in Colwyn Bay get a new paint job!

People up and down Wales come to us to have their house painted and even if this is the first time you have visited our site, you can guess already we are the UK’s number one house painting contractor. But did you know, we don’t just paint houses, we also paint terraces of houses,...

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look at the state of this retaining wall

Why do walls soak up water & cause mould when it rains?

When it rains against the walls of your home, does the water quickly disappear? If so, should you be concerned? That water soaking into your house is because your walls are porous, they let in water, and this could be doing more damage to your property than you may think. In fact your walls...

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