VIDEO: See our weatherproof wall painting system in action here!

If a picture paints a thousand words then hopefully our 2 minute showcase video will paint a few million words for you!

This page shows our latest video, (available in HD), and only 2 minutes long, explaining the stages we carry out in order to apply our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating system, the house painting process that eliminates costly external repairs and repainting for anything up to 25 years!

Watch the video here…

See how we apply our weatherproof house painting system.




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Summary of video.

Hopefully you have watched the video in full and now can see clearly exactly what it is our company does, in fact we specialise, in repairing and making good the outside walls of any building, in readiness for a thorough application of our wall coating system.

You would have hopefully seen the sheer amount of preparation that goes into every job.

You would have noticed how CLEAN we keep the working area around around the house, no your property will NOT become a building site whilst we are there!

You will have possibly also seen how quick we can transform your home, large or small, and no matter what exterior wall surface you have.

What are the benefits of an NPA wall coating on my home?

All workmanship and materials are covered by a 20 year warranty

Our textured wall coatings comes in various grades of texture and colours

Covers scars, faults, cracks and blemishes on your walls & is self-cleaning

Offers full weather protection against rain, storms, wind, damp & pollution

Suitable for all wall surface types including pebbledash, render, brick etc.

Transparent non-coloured anti-damp coatings also available.

Eliminates wind chill, cold walls and mould growth, reducing heating bills

Will not fade, crack, chip or peel, and stops all types of damp.

Nationwide service with a FREE survey and quotation available


How do I find out how much this will cost for my house?

That is the easy bit….

You can get hold of us and request a quote in several ways:

  1. Phone our call centre (open Mon-Sat) on 0800 970 4928
  2. Tweet us on Twitter
  3. Message us on Facebook
  4. Or send us an email here

All prices and quotes are completely free and without obligation.