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NPA Never Paint Again is an internet-only combined specialist information service, professional and technical consultancy and intermediary and has been at the forefront of Exterior Wall coatings, damp proofing, rendering and house repair since 1986.

We work on behalf of professional exterior Wall specialists within the painting and wall coatings sector, and have done so since 1986.

All information sent via this enquiry form, or sent by your email, or any message by phone, is held in complete confidence and is never placed on any marketing or spam lists. All information submitted complies with the terms of the Data protection Act and also the Electronic communications (EU) Act. Your information is safe with us.

If you make contact with us, the information submitted will only be used in conjunction with your enquiry and administration of any orders processed by ourselves or our contractors. Should you wish to view a copy of any or all information related to your enquiry, please contact us in the 1st instance by email.

Submitting photos: If you wish to submit photos to us, you can (max 2mg each)_ by emailing us at info@neverpaintagain.co.uk. For copyright reasons, we reserve the right to use the images across our site. Pages that state a certain town or place name indicate that we offer service in that town, and does not necessarily mean we have a physical office located there. Please see the main contact form for main contact offices.


NPA promises that your information is always held in the utmost of confidence.

NOTE: Your details may be passed to a vetted independent contractor, a UK limited company with full VAT and Co reg numbers, working alongside NPA, who are suitably qualified and experienced, and located in your area, who will accept all responsibility and liability for any further dealings you may have and are wholly responsible for all aspects of any work you may subsequently have done, including liability of any agreement entered into with them.

Any written quotations by email from this website are sent on behalf of your local authorised never paint again dealer. Quotes and estimates transmitted by email are not legally binding contracts and are classed as price enquiries until a legally binding agreement is made between the customer and the contractor.

The use on this site of the word “we” related to our approved dealers and contractors and not necessarily the owners of this website. The phrase “Never paint again” does not literally mean “never”!

This  statement has been on this website since 2005.

updated 2008, 2011

Update: July 2012:

Blog posts and links

Due to the new link rules from google, we state here that we do not offer “paid links” on our site.

Every article that has been submitted to us is subject to editorial review and we only publish guest posts where we feel that the content is of good quality, is original, and offers some form of added benefit to our readers. If you have any issue with any of the companies who supply content, please contact them and not us as we accept no liability or responsibility for sites accessed through NPA.

We do not, and have not, taken part in link schemes, link exchanges, paid links or otherwise. If you submit a guest post to us, we reserve the right to make any link “no follow”, due to googles paranoia.

We reserve the right to reject any submitted blog post that does not match or exceed our strict quality requirements.


Our contact form system is operated and maintained by Vcita Inc of 10777 main street,  Suite 203, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA. All information collected by them on our behalf is held in complete secrecy. If you have any concerns or you wish to view the information you may have submitted on our website at any time then contact them at support@vcita.com

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