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2005 prices for exterior house painting in 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the outside of your house painted this year, but only pay the same price as we were charging in 2005?

That would be good wouldn’t it?

Well, it’s TRUE!

Back in 2005 Tony Blair (or should I say Tony bLIAR?) was in power and times seemed to be going good, but of course it was all sham and the house of cards was soon to come tumbling down.

The repercussions stretched everyone’s budget, even to this day, so what if this year you need your house painting.

Will you be able to afford it? YES! And we can show you how!

Do YOU want to save money on having your house painted?

In today’s world, it seems everyone is seeking at least something, a service, or maybe even a product, that saves them time and money.

In many cases, these type of things are expensive when 1st released (for example, the first mobile phones, cost a fortune and were the size of a house brick), but over time, technology gets better, designs get more functional, and the prices go down as more people choose to buy it.

Maintaining your house has also, in some cases, gone up, largely due to a shortage of skilled labour, plus the typical rises of inflation etc etc. so having your house painted NOW should cost a lot more money than it did way back in 2005, right?

We’re very pleased to say, ……”Wrong”!

Your house won’t paint itself!

Having your house painted each year does NOT normally get cheaper, and over a period of 10 years, your home can be painted up to 8 times on average, and each time the cost rises, as does the outgoings of the painter and decorator doing the work.

So what is the answer?

In many cases, our prices are the same as they were in 2005!

I can categorically state the truth in that too.

So why are we not losing money?

VAT has gone up, as has the cost of fuel, and wages too.

The average house price in 2005 was around £130,000. This is compared to the average house price now which is around £250,000. This of course excludes London prices, which are quite simply stupid!

When I was young, a house costing a quarter of a million pounds would have been a MANSION!

So how does NPA do it so CHEAPLY?

  • We advertise almost solely online, massively cutting our advertising costs.
  • We “bulk buy” our coatings direct from the factory, and get a good discount from them.
  • We are a well-run and efficient company and don’t waste money or resources.
  • Our teams are self sufficient when they arrive and tools etc are supplied by the teams themselves, not us.
  • We don’t go out and buy fleets of posh cars to make us look cool! We don’t need to.
  • We don’t operate showrooms or large office suites, saving even more money
  • We try to use email not the royal mail.

We always look to saving money without compromising on quality and as our advertising is taken care of, plus with the many never paint again reviews we get, the lack of a big marketing budget means that we can supply and fit an exterior wall coating on your home CHEAPER than the nearest rival company, guaranteed.

After all, paint is just paint.

It’s nothing special.

So what does the NPA wall coating system do?

Textured exterior wall coating on rear and side of rural bungalow in Winkleigh Devon

Self cleaning wall coatings?

There is certainly some truth in that, and there exists some very good render based coatings that really are self cleaning, but the NPA wall coating products that we use, are specially formulated to:

  • Disperse rain water and snow.
  • “self clean” themselves.
  • Insulate the house, cutting heating bills.
  • Eliminate costly wall repairs.
  • Removes the need for yearly painting.
  • Avoids expensive pebbledash or render replacement.

So the never paint again wall coating system can do all this for your home and much more too.

If this interest you, why not call us for a free appraisal of your home, on (0800) 970 4928

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