Winter warmer weatherproofing offer: 30% discount until Nov. 30th

UPDATE: THIS SALE HAS NOW ENDED. Thank you to all who took us up on this offer. Our prices are still LOW, so if your home needs painting at any time of year, please do get in touch.

As I write this, winter is fast approaching, so I want to ask you two important questions.

1.) Is your home exterior in need of repairs and/or re-painting? …And….

2) Is your home fully protected from the imminent winter weather?

If your home exterior DOES need repainting, I can tell you with confidence that masonry paint will NOT offer any protection from rain, frost, high winds and freezing temperatures.

We want to help you, so we are offering a full winter protection package for your home, a system that will last over 20 years, but this year we have SLASHED the cost of the work and are offering 30% discount to the next 30 people who place an order before November 30th 2018.

Don’t bother calling your local painter and decorator this year, call us and get the advantage of 25 years of no more painting, plus what’s more, you can schedule the work up to 6 months ahead, so you can have the work done when it’s convenient for you.

Read on to find out how to take advantage of this exceptional Autumn offer…..

Firstly I have to explain WHY we say our outside house painting system will last up to 25 years, because you will know that masonry house paint doesn’t last that long, in fact in real terms, a coat of masonry paint will last only about a couple of years.

The NPA painting system is not technically paint, it’s a wall coating, meaning it is custom made to repair and improve your home, it’s weatherproof, crack and fade resistant and comes with a written 20 year insurance backed guarantee!

Unlike decorators, our wall coating system can be applied all year round, so if you want your house repaired and painted in November, December or even january, that’s not going to be an issue.

Interested so far? Here’s what you could get….

Not only will you enjoy our award-winning customer service right from the word “go”, we make it as easy as possible for you to get a free quote or complementary estimate to have a qualified expert paint the outside of your house.

You also get a full repair programme to the exterior of your home.

This could include:

  • Re-rendering or repairs to cracked render.
  • A full wash down and mould clean.
  • Damp proofing the house if required.
  • Replacing damaged upvc downpipes or gutters.
  • Minor alterations to the outside if needed.
  • Repairs or replacement of loose, missing or damaged pebbledash.
  • Replacement of loose or missing brick pointing (Mortar joints)
  • The elimination of previous bad repair or bodged DIY projects.

Not only do we fully repair your home, we then weatherproof, protect and paint it with our revolutionary house painting system, applied by a spray machine, and available in many colours and textures to enhance the visual look of your home.

Your house will look amazing, and will stay looking as good as new for up to 25 years!

Our wall coatings do not crack, fade, chip or peel, meaning your house will always look its best and you won’t have to have it repainted for over 2 decades! We KNOW our system works as we have been using it since 1986.

“Why should I get my home weatherproofed?”

The choice on what you spend your money on is of course, your choice, not ours.

Your home is your most expensive asset, so it certainly pays to look after it, and having it painted is one way of taking care of the building itself, but the sort of paint your local decorator would use is essentially coloured water, affording zero weather protection.

If the outside wall surface of your home is not protected by something much more durable than paint, water can seep in to the wall, which when winter arrives, will freeze and expand, causing problems such as..

  • Loose or missing pebbledash
  • Loose, cracked and hollow rendering
  • Damp and mould forming inside, (which is a health risk)
  • Condensation forming on the inside of windows
  • Cold, or even wet, interior walls, ruining paint and wallpaper.
  • A damp, musty “wet dog” smell, which can ruin carpets
  • The need to pay to repaint AGAIN after winter.

Full weather protection for your home is only a phone call away…

Masonry paint will NOT offer your house any protection at all, and with a bit of bad weather, it soon starts to fade and break down. Not so with our weatherproof wall coating system which is 20 times the thickness of paint and is made up of hard-wearing resins which add to protect your home from all manner of poor weather FOR UP TO 25 YEARS.

Our wall coatings can be applied in temperatures as low as minus 5, and it is rainproof in only 20 minutes, meaning, unlike an English cricket match, rain never stops play!

The NPA system offers your house protection against:

  • Frost, sleet, freezing fog and snow.
  • All types of rain, mist and fog
  • All types of rain, drizzle and mist
  • Pollution and industrial contaniments
  • Exceptionally hot weather
  • Very cold and freezing weather
  • Damp, condensation, mildew and mould
  • Frequent or yearly repainting

…and not only that, our wall coating system comes with a full repair programme, dealing permanently with hollow render, unsightly pebbledash, loose or missing mortar joins, cracked bricks, flaky paint, and so on.

Once our system is applied to the exterior walls of YOUR house, we guarantee that for the next 20 years, at least, it will not need any repairs or painting, and the inside of your home will be much warmer as a result, but also can be cooler in hot summer times.

Imagine the dream that your house will be maintenance-free for at least 20 years, with an insurance backed guarantee which we are offering with this amazing system. You can’t lose!

It is available across England, Wales and most of Scotland, and an estimate or a quote, is completely free and with zero obligation to buy!

Avoid costly future bills and expensive yearly painting by taking advantage of this strictly limited offer and be the first in your street to “NEVER PAINT AGAIN!”

Our marketing budget allows for only 30 people nationwide, and the cut off date is the last day of November 2018, without fail, so hurry, get in touch today and ask about a FREE quote and survey.

To find out more about this money-saving offer, give us a call today on 0800 970 4928 or CLICK TO EMAIL US.

Be sure to quote #WinterOffer when you contact us. Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon.

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