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Advice on how to protect your home from winter damage

Whilst the weather is nice and warm this summer, the winter seems a long way away, but the cold weather will soon creep up on us and start to attack the exteriors of houses up and down the UK.

A new report suggests future winters will get colder! 

Our homes are what keep us, in most cases, warm and dry during the winter time but spare a thought for the outside of the house which has to repel this weather, to keep us warm and dry for future years, however a study highlighted today (6th of July 2011) by the BBC, suggests that our winters, in the future are going to get MUCH colder. So what do we do?

BBC News suggests that winters are getting colder.

The BBC news team reports that Britain is set to face an increase in harsh winters, with up to one-in-seven winter periods gripping the UK with prolonged sub-zero temperatures.

“The cluster of lower winter temperatures in the UK during the last three years had raised questions about the probability of more similar, or even colder, winters occurring in the future.”

BBC NEWS 6th July 2011

The projection was based on research that identified how low solar activity affected winter weather patterns but the authors of the reports also made sure to state that Britain is not going into some sort of Ice-Age! 

They looked at winter temperatures as way back as the 16th century and suggested that each winter of late has got colder and colder.

This cold weather isn’t very nice and has a real detrimental affect on our houses and their ability to keep us warm and dry.  A poorly protected house without a wall coating can suffer from damp, meaning your heating bills will also be much higher than they should be, burning more precious gas or electric, and therefore, harmful to the environment.

Simple steps can be taken to combat the drop in temperatures in the winter such as insulation or lagging pipes and so on, but what about the exterior walls, the largest area of the house, and the area that gets hammered by the weather?

Making sure your exterior walls are winter proof!

There are various steps that you can take to make your exterior walls a little less vulnerable to colder weather and one of the main ones would be to have a Never Paint Again exterior wall coating installed to the external walls.

Well, of course we would say that wouldn’t we! 🙂

…..but seriously, you really need to protect your home during the winter with a wall coating, especially if the weather at winter time is getting steadily colder, something has to be done and a winter beating exterior wall protective coating is the most economical way forward.

Here are two options.

1. Have an exterior spray applied wall coating installed because this amazing system, once applied to your house, will give a colourful and long lasting exterior paint finish for up to 25 years, with a guarantee for 20 years, giving you total peace of mind.

The wall coating will not crack, chip, flake or peel, and doesn’t fade!

……..or for more protection, and on a slightly bigger budget………..

2. Have a GRC insulated render wall coating on your home  because this super tough weather-beating render wall coating provides a durable wall finish, but has the added benefit of external wall insulation added to the coloured render mix, which means that clear savings on household heating bills, come very soon, helping to spread the cost of this premium external wall covering.

So why not contact the NPA team, for a winter weather beating quote for your home and choose a wall coating this year instead of a lick of paint!.

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