orth wales terrace with new wall coating finished job

Why Never Paint Again are different to other painters and decorators

If you are wanting to get someone to paint your house this year, it is vital that you choose the right decorators for the job.

So why choose us?

We are different than maybe your local house painter in many ways, and not only could you save a lot of money having us paint your house, you can also be assured of the longest lasting paints and the best quality of work.

There are a few things that stand us apart from other decorating teams and we thought it was a good idea to list them here so you can get a good idea of who we are and what we do.

Yes of course, it’s probably pretty obvious we paint houses (!) however the methods we use are a bit different that maybe you are used to.

It’s all about the way we paint your house.

How many times have you employed a decorator to do a simple job and it took weeks? It could be because he or she is running several jobs across town and spends a few hours each day on each one.

No way, that is not how we work at all!

Our teams give their undivided attention to your home and the job you ask us to do.

So that means that when we turn up on, for example Monday, we carry on working on your house ONLY, and until the job is finished and you are happy.

Your happiness is very important to us as it means you will tell other people, like your next door neighbours, and we get more work out of it so everyone wins! Just read some of the never paint again reviews to see what I mean!

Whether you have a terraced house in Hackney, a big Barnet home, a Bungalow in Brighton, or even a right wreck in Reading, not a problem, we can do the job and we can do it very well!

A house we painted a few years back, in Cheshire

All repairs are done to the house before we apply one drop of paint, ensuring that not only do you get the best work possible, you also get the knowledge that it is far more thorough than the “decorator down the pub” could ever give you!

We paint houses fast!

So with that borne in mind, the knowledge that we won’t be under your feet for weeks, how else does our work differ from other decorating and wall coatings firms?

We work clean and tidy!

We know that your home is not a building site and we treat it with the respect we give our own homes. We always abide by health and safety rules, and we keep the house very clean whilst we are working.

Rear of house in Hertfordshire with a brand new exterior wall coating

Another thing that makes people call us back for more work time after time is the fact that we have a good and efficient system and the crews always turn up on time, and are very polite and helpful.

Nothing is ever too much trouble and we take great care in protecting areas around the house such as driveways, paths and plants.

We also often use a special spray-applied exterior wall coating which we have experience in since 1986, when we worked for the original London Coating Company, and the special coating is not too expensive and lasts for up to 20 years.

It does not fade or crack like masonry paint does, so once we apply it to the exterior walls of the building, it not only stops damp, it stops render from cracking, it stops walls that go green in shaded areas, it’s fantastic stuff and get in contact with us for more info and a free quote.

We are confident that if you own a house anywhere in England and Wales, we can give you a free estimate or quote within days, and if you should decide to choose us to paint the outside walls of your house, you won’t regret it!

For a free house painting estimate, get in touch on 0800 970 4928

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