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What NEVER PAINT AGAIN does, and what it does NOT do!

We wear many hats in this business and one of the hats we wear is of course our customer service hat!

We get literally hundreds of calls, texts and emails each month asking questions, but not all of them are relevant and we can’t help everyone and we’re not psychic like our friend Derek either!

We LOVE hearing from people 🙂 but over the past few weeks, why, I don’t know, we have some rather bizarre enquiries, some of which I cannot fathom for the life of me how or why people were motivated enough to contact us, and ask us these questions!

We posted something to that effect on our facebook page, which was seen by quite a few people but no one commented so I thought it was best we spelt it out here on our website to avoid any misunderstandings.

So here is what NPA actually does!

(The clue is in the photo)

A happy customer couple admiring their newly sprayed house

Yes, that’s right, we PAINT THE OUTSIDES OF HOUSES!

We also carry out various work related to this such as:

  • Rendering and repairing render, stone or bricks
  • Carrying out minor alterations and improvements to homes.
  • We do damp proofing work
  • We repair and coat pebbledash with a special flexible paint
  • We cure cold walls, damp, mould and condensation
  • We paint commercial premises such as hotels, guest houses, office buildings, dental and doctor’s surgeries, churches and so on.
  • We provide a weatherproof wall coating system, which our own contractors apply and we guarantee it for up to 20 years.

…and basically anything else to do with repairing and fixing up the outside of any home, in any location across Wales, England and Scotland.

So what about what I was saying at the start of all this? What have people been asking over the past few weeks?

And this is what we do NOT do!

(This is based on some of the more unusual questions that people have asked)

  • We can’t paint your house if you are a tenant! Your landlord or housing provider would need to contact us, we can only deal with them, directly, sorry.
  • If you do NOT own a house, and/or you are thinking of buying a house but you are not yet the owner then we CANNOT help you. This is due to a variety of reasons, including privacy and data protection laws.
  • **We do NOT operate a free DIY advice helpline, sorry.** We are unfortunately not a government sponsored helpline or authority and we do not have the resources to answer general questions, not related in any way to the products and services that we ourselves offer.
  •  We are not here to offer professional advice to your builder! If you are having work done on or around the home and NOT by us or by any contractor, tradesmen or company authorised by ourselves, why would we sit here and give advice to your builder???! If the general builder you have working on your home does not know how to do something and asks you to ask us because he cant do something, perhaps YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE EMPLOYED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?
  • The articles on our world famous BLOG are there for information, education and research purposes only. Any Google ads displayed there are nothing to do with us and we do not sell or endorse any products in the ads. The adverts pay for our yearly hosting and that’s it.
  • The pop up that you sometimes see at the foot of the page is for SALES only. Any comments on a blog should be entered into the comment box if there is one.
  • If you are thinking of having your house painted next year then THAT is when to call us, NEXT YEAR please! We can book a job in up to 6 months in advance, after taking a 30% deposit and signing a contract with you, but please tell us that is what you want before we drive all the way to see you.
  • We do not sell any products that you yourself can use, sorry! (again) Our coatings are specially formulated to our own design and cannot be bought or safely used by anyone other than a team authorised and trained to do so by ourselves.
  • (This is a weird one) We do NOT sell products to plug gaps or leaks in dry docks for the ship building industry! ….nope I still cant work out how someone did think that and phoned us up, but………
  • We do not sell coatings that work underwater!
  • Our wall coatings do NOT last for ever (!), as some of the more disreputable USA companies would have you believe, but they do last up to 25 years. Besides the domain name for would be a ridiculous company name.
  • Oh I have to mention this: We get about 10 to 15 emails each week, (all obviously pre-worded), asking for us to accept a guest post, or even people asking to pay us to include a link to their site. This is s HUGE no-no and if you are someone who has paid a link building company, prepare to potentially be penalised by the Google algorithm. All content on our site in original and written in-house, without exception.
  • And finally, we work in mainland UK only. We do NOT work in Ireland and we are not affiliated with any similar company in North America.


So I have a sales related query, how do I contact NPA?

To contact us, call our sales hotline on freephone 0800 970 4928 and speak to one of our trained and friendly advisors who would be only to happy to help.

A woman decorator

If they cannot answer your question immediately, or if the person to speak to is helping other clients, we will take your details and call you back later.

Your details are ONLY used for this purpose and are not sold or placed any any marketing list.


OK, I don’t want to buy something today but I do have a question, how do I ask NPA a question?

It’s OK, like we said, we do like to hear from people but if you are not interested in buying our services, and we are not going to force you to of course, there are several ways you can ask us.

TWITTER: Follow us @neverpaintagain or click HERE and tweet to us.

LIKE US on Facebook and post a question or private message.

I sincerely hope this explainer is taken in the polite and respectful manner it was intended to, and we hope now that a few things have been cleared up!

Thanks ever so much for reading and we hope you have a great day, now if you’ll excuse me, I have a wall to render!

rendering an external wall with sand and cement mortar

From the NPA website team, Plymouth, Devon. UK

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