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Does the house you live in define who you really are?

The exterior of your house says a lot about you. Whether its the front door, the colour of exterior paint, or the layout of your garden.

These are all indicators that suggest a bit about ourselves too.

Houses are by far the biggest investment we make in our lives.

Our house is the place where we spend much of our lives, so surely it’s inevitable that the way the house looks, it’s location, it’s condition, says something about us, after all, if we spend so much time on it, and invest so much money, a correlation between the two is inevitable.

Today we look at different types of houses, and different scenarios to see what your house says about who you are and your lifestyle.

Types of houses, and their owners.

There was always a saying that went around that dogs looked like their owners! Well, I cant vouch for that as I don’t have a dog, but if I find one that can paint a house, I’ll let you know! The type of house we live in can pinpoint where we are in life.

If someone lives in a bedsit, chances are they are a young person, or a student, or someone who has fallen on hard times, so immediately we can presume the house represents the person at that stage in life, however many large and grand houses have been converted into flats (etc) over the years.

Saying that, owners of large houses have since fallen on hard times, so there may be a lord whatever living there, but without a penny to his name!

So stood from the street looking up a grand house, you wouldn’t know its full of bedsits unless you went inside. So although we can get clues about who lives in a certain type of house, we have to sometimes dig deeper to find out the truth.

The exterior of the house.

Take care of the outside of your house

Ask any realtor, estate agent etc, and they will tell you that first impressions from the road as someone pulls up outside in their car, is the most important, and this is related to people who are selling their house, but also the general opinion formed by anyone who turns up for whatever reason.

The outside of your house

If the outside of your house is scruffy, maybe with cracks, or peeling paint, and and old rusting car dumped on the lawn, chances are you are either a social tenant that couldn’t care less, or someone who essentially doesn’t care what people think about them!

If you don’t look after the exterior of your house, especially if it is not well painted, or protected with a special protective house coating, then you will lose money!

The interior of the house.

Once inside, you can get a good idea of the sort of person who lives here, in fact more so than the exterior, because some quite normal and ordinarily homes can contain things that you least expect, such as a modern but small apartment, which contained …er….. a copy of the Star ship Enterprise!

Who remembers Tony Alleyne and his Star Trek flat?

tony and his star trek flat

When Mr Alleyne separated from his wife, it was the catalyst for him to turn a one bedroom flat in Hinkley, Leicestershire into the bridge of the star ship enterprise.

What a cool idea! Sadly, the flat had to be sold, and his masterpiece was dismantled.

What a shame, I would have loved to have seen it! However this is one extreme example of not judging a book by its cover, and the fact that many houses, to find out about the people behind them, you have to go inside and see.

Types of houses and typical owners.

A Terraced house, maybe average 2 or 3 bed room is often a start home for young people just getting on the property ladder, but sometimes it can be an elderly lady who bought the house (probably for about 10 quid!) in the 1950’s, but equally it could be a young professional, no kids, good income. These houses are often found in towns or cities and can be handy for getting to work.

3 bed semi

The good life! The typical family in the UK lives in a 3 bed semi and many of these were built in the housing boom after the 1st world war, and then a resurgence in the 1970’s and 80’s when developers realised that putting people in tower blocks wasn’t a good idea any more. The typical family of man and wife and 2 kids would live here.

A detached house

A house in devon with an exterior wall coating
A house in Devon with an exterior wall coating

A typical detached house often costs more to buy than other types, and as there are 4 exterior walls, this means that insulation, and also weather protection is most important for these types of houses.

The typical person who lives here has climbed the property ladder, probably has a good job, or has retired with a nice pension and the kids have left home!

Log cabin or park home.

These are often bought by retired people, or to be used as a 2nd home for holidays, or as a home office for the entrepreneur, possibly at the bottom of a large garden.

Often park homes and such like are prefabricated and erected on site, although often the land is rented and not owned by the occupants.

Whatever house you live in, it will reflect something about you.

Whether it is your lifestyle, your age or occupation, how many kids you have, and the stage in life you are, in relation to your position on the property ladder.

Whatever dwelling you may live in, it is important to keep it looking good and in good condition. For this, we would recommend an exterior wall coating which not only comes with a full repair service, but also means that once the special house paints go onto your home, you will not need to paint or repair the property for at least 15 years.

 Why not enquire today about a price to have a wall coating on your home?

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