Front of house final picture after wall coating

A property in Dorset with a spray-on wall coating which lasts well over 20 years!

This large house in Dorset is our latest completed rendering and exterior wall coating job and doesn’t it look grand!

We have the full project page with photos and job description for you to see.

Earlier this year, this customer contacted the leading wall coating company from the NEVER PAINT AGAIN house painting website and asked if we could go around to his house in the lovely Dorset countryside and give him a quote to have the render repaired and replaced.

This client wanted a price for an an application of a weatherproof external masonry coating.

The house itself had a lot of improvement over the years, including money saving solar panels, a new roof and new windows, etc etc,  but the owner needed rendering repaired, and also something on the walls that would look good, but would last a long time.

The main issue with painted render houses is the problem of painting it each year, or at least biannually, to keep it in a good state of repair, and of course, to keep it looking nice.

Our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system eliminates the need to repaint each year, in fact this client won’t see us again for the next 20 years.

Dorset house painting at its best!

As you can see there were some problem areas of render such as this photo below shows.

You can see where we have replaced the old render by the grey patches on the wall.

We also wrapped the house in brown paper, not to take it to the post office, but to protect doors and windows from getting paint splats on them.

Rendering to corner of house in dorset


……and we had also various areas of flaking paint to remove, and we used a scaffold to reach the areas that lay over the roofline which could not be safely reached any other way, such as this photo.

It is important that we always work safely when we do any improvements to a house, so we insisted on a full and proper roof scaffold instead of what cowboy builders do, which is scramble across the tiles!


Scaffolding on a sunny day Painting a house in Dorset


But as you can see from the images, this house has turned out fabulous and the owner was very happy.

The exterior wall coatings that we use can be found by using the WALL COATING tab on the menu bar above.

Our special external masonry wall coverings do not need any repainting or maintenance for over 20 years, and the coatings do not fade, crack, chip or peel, so why not contact us for more information?

The finished article: NPA Wall coatings.

Another finished wall coating job


Call us to find out how much money you could save on house painting, with a 20 year warranty thrown in for free!

Of course we don’t only paint homes in and around Dorset, our service is available across the UK

The main benefits of having us paint the outside of your house is the fact that once we have finished work, the property requires zero painting and zero maintenance for 2 decades.

This saves our valued customers a lot of money, both in the short and long term

Side and rear view of house after painting

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