We paint houses but we don’t use brushes or rollers!

Have you ever wondered how weatherproof home coatings, or “wall coatings”, (whichever you prefer), are installed?

After all, they replace masonry paint but they are as far removed from normal coating or paints as you could imagine? Here’s what we do.

Well, first and foremost, thank you for visiting our site, your attention is appreciated.

As you can tell, well, hopefully anyway, that NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK (i.e., us) are involved solely with the repair and redecoration of the exteriors of buildings, which include houses, but also shops painting factories, painting hotels and so on, and we do this 12 months of the year, across the entire UK.

The thing is, we paint without brushes or rollers!

So how does that work then?

OK, lets pretend for a minute that you are one of our customers. You would have initially visited this website, liked what you saw, perhaps you looked at our gallery of finished jobs, and then sent us an email or phoned us up.

We would have a chat with you on the phone, and you would have had an opportunity to talk about the problems, if any, with your home, and we would have briefly explained what we can do for you.

You would have then agreed a time and day for the contractor to come around and meet you at the house, so he can have a look for himself, take measurements etc and scrutinise the exterior walls to see what needs to be done.

Arranging to get the house painted

You would have then agreed to have the work done, at a fixed price, and we would have completed the paperwork, done all the office stuff needed to plan the job, and the installers would have turned up when they said they would.

Work in Progress…..

So the team are at the site, what happens now?

How we install your home wall coating

The crew foreman, or supervisor will have a detailed written sheet of all the work that is needed to be done, and will go through this with you, just to make sure nothing has been missed, and nothing has been mis-interpreted along the way.

He will then walk around the house with you, giving you an opportunity to ask any questions, and of course it gives us the opportunity to find out any extra info needed.

The team will often ask if there is a good place to store the things they need, which are usually bags of sand, paint tins, tools etc, in a place out of the way, such as a shed or garage, although this is not obligatory, but it helps us arrange the job so it goes smoothly.

Right! Let’s get these wall coatings on your house shall we?!

Starting the prep work

Firstly the team engages in the preparation of the house walls, before we can apply the coating, so one of the first jobs is to powerwash the wall, which gets rid of some flaking paint, moss, algae and general grime and dust.

Following on from that, the team then remove by hand any further paint that looks loose and then a full clean up of the old paint on the floor, before we move on to the repairs.

re rendered top and bagged brick below
re rendered top and bagged brick below

If an external house coating is to last as long as intended, then all repairs that are needed to the house must be done before any further tasks are carried out. A failure to carry out the repairs, would mean in the future, a failure of the coating.

One of the main benefits is the fact that because we do the job right first time, the coating on your home, not only will look really nice, but it is guaranteed for 20 years NOT to fade, or crack, or chip, or even peel, saving you a small fortune!

A summary of repairs needed prior to coating.

The typical sort of repairs we do would be:

  • Wall rendering patch repairs to render, pebbledash or tyrolean.
  • Injecting a liquid DPC but ONLY if the damp course has failed.
  • Re-applying silicone mastic around doors and windows.
  • Gloss painting woodwork and/or replacing rotten wood soffits and fascia boards.
  • Replacing loose or missing pointing (mortar joins) around brickwork.
  • Cutting out and filling cracks.
  • Re-rendering entire walls, or elevations where there is extensive hollow render.
  • Applying a bonded latest liquid render over brick and pebbledash to seal the old surface.
  • And basically anything that is not quite right, we sort out for you.

If you have any questions about any of the above, your local agent will be happy to explain in greater detail. Some houses do not need any repair at all, before we apply the paint coating so the above is a comprehensive list.

spraying wall coatings on rear
spraying wall coatings on rear

When the time comes to spray

OK, now the house has been repaired it is time to apply the coating.

We first mask up the windows and lay dust sheets, as you can see in the image above. In the case of terraced or semi detached houses, we also take great care in protecting your neighbours home too so there is nothing to worry about…….apart from your neighbour being jealous of your lovely looking house, but we can’t help you with that!

We then apply, by hand, a water resistant primer, which goes on the house in an off-white colour and then gives the walls a good surface to accept the final stage.

We then spray apply the wall coating system, in a colour of your choosing, and this is by far the quickest part of the whole job, and the crew foreman will be spraying, and his assistant will be helping him.

The assistant tends to the pump and makes any minor adjustment needed to the air/paint mixture., which is rather like the carburettor on a car, adjusting air and paint to achieve the next mix for application.

We then remove all the masking and clear all the rubbish away and the house we used as an example now looks like this!.

rear of house completed with Andura wall coating
rear of house completed with NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating

The coating will be touch dry in a few hours, but as it is very thick, it takes a few weeks to fully dry out but your agent will tell you this when you meet him.

Above all, having a wall coating applied to your home by Never Paint Again uk is easy for you, on both your wallet, and your time, and we usually complete each job in under a week.

In a world where nothing is cheap, you may be surprised just how reasonable what is essentially major work to your house, and we GUARANTEE that you will pay the LOWEST PRICE for this service..

To find out about having a Wall coating on your house, email the team today!

telephone-us on 0800 970 4928

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