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We paint the exteriors of Art Deco Houses with smooth wall coatings

Art Deco houses are, on the whole, quite rare things.

If you own a house that has been constructed in the art deco style, chances are that factor alone will double the value of the home compared to more run of the mill homes in the same area.

As we are time-served skilled exterior wall experts, we have the knowledge and experience to effectively restore, refurbish, paint and weatherproof ANY art deco home and can provide references to that effect.

What is “Art Deco”?

The Art Deco aesthetic movement was chiefly between the mid 1920’s and the outbreak of the second world war….

Public buildings such as cinemas, concert halls, even factories, were built in the art deco style, but not so many houses. Across Europe, and in some cases, America, Art Deco was the new thing and thankfully many of these building still survive today, their external appearance being their main draw.

lovely bay window in arts and crafts style

Art Deco was a style movement which influenced design across the whole spectrum; internal fixtures and fittings, down to exteriors, with smooth clean lines, curved walls and various arty embellishments.

We offer sympathetic and sensitive exterior wall refurbishments and painting for all art deco houses.

The Art Deco Movement was roughly between 1920-1940.

Famous examples of Art deco buildings include The Chrysler building in New York, The old east stand of Arsenal football club, various buildings in Valencia, Spain, several London Underground Stations, and surprisingly Romania also has a surfeit of Art Deco Buildings.

Never paint again has substantial experience in renovating the exteriors of art deco houses across England and we welcome the chance to provide a quotation if you own one of these houses..

We are proud to be part of keeping history alive and the tiny contribution we make to the upholding of the art deco movement in general.

We have been involved in other art deco house projects previously, including advising on the exterior wall finish for a well known TV property show on Channel 4.

We also paint listed buildings and also we provide exterior wall coatings for commercial properties

We carry out the full set of remedial works on Art Deco houses, first removing the flaking paint and curing any  damp in the walls as a priority.

wall coatings art deco housesAfter preparing a house, We then masked up the windows and protected all the lawned areas and shrubs, and applied a bonding cement slurry, known in the trade as ‘bagging’ or ‘bag rubbing’.

This effectively acts as a wall stabiliser, plus consolidates and repairs any loose or missing pointing mortar joints. We also removed the old outside wall paint before preparing for the new surface.

We then hand apply  primer to the walls, and then spray applied a coating of our textured masonry coating to the walls.

After all the masking is removed, our teams carefully repaint the original windows with a specially matched burnt orange colour.

Art Deco House painting is what we do very well indeed.

Your art deco home will be in safe hands with us and we can provide a range of long life weatherproof wall painting services which are sympathetic to the original design of your home.

Whilst one of our main services is textured wall coatings, we also offer coatings in a smooth, flat finish, ensuring the original aims of the building are retained.

Our super durable protective exterior wall coating system is sympathetic to your home, is available in a wide range of neutral or pastel colours and once applied, your home exterior will not need repainting again for over 20 years.

The painting system is available in Wales, England and Scotland and all quotes are free.

We can provide a full repair and paint to ANY style of house of ANY age, from humble terraced houses to grand mansion so call us NOW on 0800 970 4928

If you have an art deco style house, please get in contact with us for more information on how we can restore and preserve your home and make the exterior walls completely free of maintenance, all at a price that may just surprise you!

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