is your house cold?

We can paint your house in November, December and January!

Cold enough for you? LOL!

I know that probably the LAST thing on your mind during winter is having the exterior of your house painted, but you may not be aware that not only is it possible to have the place decorated during this time, you could also save quite a bit of money too.

So how come that NEVER PAINT AGAIN can quite easily turn up at your house, do all the repairs it may need AND paint it in the winter?

I don’t know about you but it is rare to see someone painting a home during this time but there is a good reason for that because decorators use water based paints which freeze, but us, being clever smarty-pants that we are, use a resin based paint system which does not freeze!

What are the benefits of having a house painted in Winter?

plymouth hoe after snowfall

The office where this website is operated from is in Plymouth (above) and despite the photo, we are far south and it’s usually warmer here so the cold doesn’t really affect our day to day workings too much however the installations office is in the north and wow they get some terrible weather!

Firstly it goes without saying that we are pretty hardy types, the installations teams being from windswept Yorkshire also helps (LOL!) and we don’t mind getting cold, in fact if you have ever worked outside doing something, maybe in the garden for example, the faster and harder you work, the warmer you stay.

It can also be a good way to for our teams get some exercise instead of sitting by the fire with a glass of wine like many do at this time of year, and hey it gets us out into the fresh air too!

If we just painted in the warmer months, we would be sat around all winter with nowt to do. Obviously we have bills to pay too so that’s not really a wise option for us, but nevertheless, having your home painted in winter can save you money as we need to keep our men working.

The downside for us painting at this time is mainly due to the fact that there is less light available, in fact I think it usually gets dark about 4.30-ish, so we try and be as efficient as possible, and unlike builders who may run several jobs at once, however, we don’t, we stick to your house until the job is finished and you are happy. Only then do we ask for payment.

Any other benefits? Come on, tempt me!

So apart from saving up to 40% on having the house painted between November and Christmas, you want more reasons to choose us?

OK, well try this for size.

  • We have been working on homes just like yours since 1986!
  • We have gained an INTERNATIONAL reputation with our UK and overseas work.
  • Our products lasts upwards of 20 years!
  • Our wall covering system stops damp and cracks.
  • We can totally transform even the roughest looking house.
  • We can get rid of scars and defects on any part of the house.
  • We also repair all your cracks, loose bricks, hollow render.
  • The contractor issues you with a 20 year insurance backed warranty.
  • We have references and examples of our previous work readily available.
  • Your house will look GREAT and will stay like that for at least 20 years for a one-off payment, saving you a fortune over time.
  • You will not have the hassle of trying to find a decorator next year, or in fact for the next 20 years!

If that lot doesn’t convince you then I’m in the wrong job.

Get in contact with us and tell us about your house.

With enough information, we can give you an ESTIMATE over the phone, with zero obligation and no sales talk.

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