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Waterproof exterior Coatings for render, brick and pebbledash

Waterproofing and weatherproofing the exterior of your house used to be such a chore, but now it’s so easy with the original Never Paint Again exterior wall waterproofing system.

It’s not expensive either, in fact from our own experience; it will cost you far more if you ignore signs of damp and water penetration in your house.

Our special damp-proof wall coatings are available in either clear, coloured or render-based wall coatings and they are applied by well trained and very skilled installation teams who can change any home from a damp infested dump into a warm and dry home!

Waterproofing the outside of your house in a jiffy!

Day after day we go out on the road and speak to homeowners just like you, about the problems that damp can cause in the house.

Our surveyors regularly see evidence of water ingress, excessive condensation and mould spots inside people’s homes.

We can certainly offer damp solutions and advice on how to treat damp, but ultimately most people realize that if damp is coming into their house, something is wrong!

Everyone involved in our organization is only too aware of the urgent need to do something about home dampness and often we find it’s because whatever is on the walls outside is either past its sell-by date, or it’s just not up to the job!

How can I get a quote for these water proof coatings?

You want to know how to get prices for a damp proof wall covering?

It’s very easy and painless to get a quote from us for a damp proof wall covering and you are not subjected to a 4 hour sales pitch like some textured coating companies, nor are you bamboozled, nor flummoxed (!) with flashy sales patter, we tell you like it is!

All quotes from us are completely free and you will not be handed a bill at the end, nor will we be upset if you never actually order from us! We don’t pressure you and that is something that we are proud to have changed in the exterior wall coating industry.

It only takes about one hour to see your home, show you the samples and colours, and leave you with a price, which is in writing. No sales talk. No pressure. No obligation. No worries!

This leaves you to think about our proposal, and also to call in other coating firms to see what they have to offer.

Then all you have to do once everyone has been to see you, is to make a list of bullet points as to who you thought should do the work and why.

It’s not always down to the cost alone though and the cheapest price is rarely the best!

If in the unlikely event we can’t help you on the day, you can be assured that we will suggest other options and steps you can take yourself to solve damp and mould issues in your property.

Select which coating is the most suitable for your home.

Well we offer a range of products and services, and although we can advise you, it is your choice that ultimately we have to abide by, so for a quick peek at what we offer, scroll up to the top of this page and hover over where you see the link PRODUCTS.

This should give you a good idea whether you want render based or spray applied coatings, or perhaps you are looking for something insulated too, because we also do a thermal render coating, and solid wall insulation for older homes, which has already saved many of our clients a fortune on heating!

If you don’t fancy adding a splash of colour, maybe because you like the unpainted appearance of the bricks, we have a range also of waterproof coatings especially for brick and stone that do not change the appearance of the house, but add insulating and waterproof properties once they are applied.

All work comes with a FREE 20 year warranty; backed by a 3rd party insurance for your added peace of mind, far more than any exterior house painting company could offer you.


Is my house suitable for a waterproof wall covering?

In most cases the answer would be yes, but that’s not always the case and to save everyone time and hassle, take a look through our case studies pages and see if there is a house similar to yours we have done before.

Our wall coatings are suitable for more or less any external house surface, but if in doubt, just give us a call, we do offer free advice you know!

OK, that seems straightforward, but will your coatings cure my damp?

Yes! All our coatings have special resins added by the factory and they act as water dispersants, very similar to Teflon coated cookware.

The wall coverings we use are breathable too, so the house does not get sealed up, and any movement of the building is catered for, as is the change in seasons and the effect they have on the house itself.

All repairs are included in the cost, which could encompass external wall rendering, damp proofing and so on.

How much does a damp proof coating cost?

We would love to tell you right now, but no two houses are ever the same and each one has its own problems.

We have to see the house first, ascertain where the damp is coming from (remember it could just be a leaking pipe), but we need to know for sure, and also how large the house is, before we can give a definite price, although once we do present the cost to you, it’s a fixed price, with no hidden surprises, so the price you see is the price you pay!

If your home is suffering from damp, it’s best to give us a call for a chat before you do anything.

You can contact the team on 0800 970 4928

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