Extensive crack repairs to rendered side wall in hampshire

Render repairs and wall coatings in Basingstoke. Even modern houses can suffer from cracks!

We recently completed this repair and wall coating paint scheme for a fairly modern house located in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Many people think it’s only older houses that have problems with cracked render, but this property clearly shows that even newer builds can have problems.

Time and time again I hear of people complaining about the relative poor build quality of many newer homes up and down the country and this was no exception.

Here is why it is vitally important to make sure the render on the walls of your house is kept in good condition.

The render on the walls of a house is a very important part of the building and provides some level of protection against the weather, but if left bare and unpainted, or even painted with a cheap masonry paint, that protection won’t last long at all and problems can start to appear.

With the huge surge in our population over the past few years, homes are in demand and many are built quickly and not quite to the high standard we are used to in this country.

In this case, we were tasked with repairing the rendering, and the cracks, and applying a weatherproof wall coating, guaranteed for 20 years not to crack, fade, chip or peel.

What causes exterior wall rendering to crack?

Over time if a rendered exterior wall is not weatherproof, small cracks will begin to appear on the surface.

These are known as Hairline cracks. They are often the result of thermal movement, of expansion and contraction in the normal scheme of things, and as the weather changes during the year.

When a hairline crack appears, it may not seem much of a problem, but water can make its way inside the rendering, and through to the bricks beneath.

When winter arrives, the water in the bricks freezes, which as per an ice cube in a tray in your freezer, it expands as water gains in volume when in a frozen state.

As the water freezes and expands, it pushes against the inside surface of the rendering, causing it to become detached from the brick it is supposed to be firmly adhered to.

This only needs to happen in one spot, and then the hairline crack will become bigger, allowing more water inside.

This enables the process of the rendering coming away from the wall to accelerate, and what you can be left with is shown in the photo at the top of the page, loads of small cracks, eventually forming larger ones.

Render can also crack due to a poorly mixed mortar when first applied, although this often starts to happen not that long after application, as opposed to this example, which was caused by the weather.

It’s not a geographic phenomenon either: Basingstoke houses get cracks, just as houses in Brighton get cracked walls, as do houses in Harrogate.

Pretty much any house in any town can suffer from wall cracking, it’s what you do about it that matters the most.

What repairs are needed to fix cracked wall render?

Whenever we carry out house painting, we always do all necessary repairs, from crack repair and patch render repairs, to a full re-render if needed.

Your typical local painter and decorator in Hampshire would probably not do this, and just fill the cracks with silicone and paint over them.

The wrong way to correctly paint a house. That’s why these customers called us instead.

Cracks must be cut out with an angle grinder tool, and then correctly filled in and smoothed out, meaning the house is now in a solid state rather than full of cracks.

side of house with masking and primer under scaffolding

When we do our repairs, we are so professional that you cannot see where the repair was carried out.

Look at the photo above to see proof of this, and what you are seeing is just the primer base coat on the wall.

We masked up the windows too, to make sure no mess was created, and that saves time at the end of the job when we are cleaning up and packing things back into the work van ready for the next property transformation.

The same process was done to the front of the house too.

Front of house with masking paper and primer

The front elevation had a few cracks but was in no way as bad as the side wall, but regardless, we repaired everything that needed repairing, as we do on every job, and then covered up the windows to avoid mess.

After this, we laid dust sheets down on the floors and hand painted the primer onto the wall surface, allowing it to dry overnight.

The next day, we set up our spray machine, mixed up the “Wethertex” wall coating, and sprayed it over the walls of the house, achieving a pleasing and uniform finish, and more importantly, a finish that is guaranteed for 20 years to NOT crack again.

Here is the front of the house in Basingstoke, but with no cracks, and a durable long life paint finish

Front of basingstoke house after wall coatings


The wall coating system we use is not available to buy, it is supplied under special agreement to ourselves, and can only be applied by our teams, using a plethora of special equipment.

The coating that gets applied has a paint film that is 20 times the thickness of ordinary masonry paint, and as such, it last 20 times as long!

This house will need no further repairs or painting for 2 decades, and that is guaranteed.

Before we go, let’s look at that previously cracked side wall.

side of house in Basingstoke with new wall coatings

Even with the scaffolding still up, you can clearly see the vast improvement!

Getting a quote to have this work done on your house is very easy to arrange and there is no pressure to buy, even if you are just enquiring about prices and availability, we are run by professional tradesmen with years of experience, NOT salesmen.

If your house needs crack repair and painting, then we are the people to call. The service is available across the country.

If you would like to have us paint your house with these special exterior wall coatings, then why not get in touch today?

You can email us, or call us FREE on 0800 970 4928

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