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How Can I Protect My Home Against The Elements?

The elements of sun, wind, frost and rain are no friend to your home and each season, they cause untold damage to not only the wall surface, but inside the home too.

If your home has damp walls, for example then you need to know that simply applying masonry paint will NOT stop water ingress into your house, in fact applying paint over anything apart from good condition walls can be a disaster and the job won’t last!

The problem is that many of your so called “decorators” do exactly just that, paint over damp, in fact they often paint straight over the top of cracks, blown pebbledash, flaking bricks, algae, mould, the lot!

Your local painter wrongly thinks that his masonry paint will cover over everything.

Well, in a way it will, but only for a few months, or at worst, a few weeks, before it starts to deteriorate, but he has your money, and never gave a guarantee, so you are left in a tricky situation, and in fact may have to pay to get the house painted properly this time!

Walls have to be prepared before anything is applied to them, no matter what it is, and no matter what type of home you own.

If repairs are not carried out, the paint simply will not last, in fact leaving repairs out of the equation can cause further, more expensive issues later on, so make sure that you choose a painter and decorator or wall coating comapny that are credible, trustworthy, and can show you examples of house painted previously.

The thing is, your house, if it has damp, needs more than just paint.

So we’ve established that painting your pebbledash or brick walls with normal paint won’t cure the various problems your home has, and to be honest, if you choose nothing at all, it will get worse, and cost you far more money in the longer term.

Paint is mainly made with water and adding it to the walls simply adds a short term colour and nothing much else. Paint will not cure damp or any defects, so what is the solution?

A Never paint again wall coating! But of course I would say that wouldn’t I?!

An NPA Wall coating is a complete home repair and paint system whereby specialist teams, fully trained to deal with this, do a full repair of the exterior walls of the property, paying special attention to cracks, hollow render, bald pebbledash, and missing brick pointing.

They come fully prepared to your home, with all the tools and equipment they need to do the job. The only thing they dont carry with them is scaffolding, because of course wherever we work, we make sure we give the business to a good scaffolding company near to you.

Of course if rendering is something that needs to be done as well, they we often nip down to your local builders merchants, again keeping business local to you, so the price that you pay to have your home painted, even though we are a national company, some of the money is spent back in your local community.

All this remedial and repair work is the first step in not only curing damp, but making sure it never returns.

Damp is a horrible thing to happen to your house and no DIY solution will ever cure it.

Our special coatings out perform paint many times over and as the film of the coating is 20 times the thickness of paint, it protects your house from the weather, both the rain, the cold, and the hot sun.

In fact if you choose to have one of our coating applied to your home, we guarantee that for over 20 years, you wont have to lift a paint brush or roller again

Free quote and survey?

To get a price for this system on your house, we need to speak with you first and find out what exactly is wrong with the property, and what you need doing to the house. You can also tell us the colour you like, by looking at our colour chart here.

Should you decide to have a price, all you need to do is to arrange it with our surveyor when he or she calls. You can send us an email here or call on (0800) 9780 4928

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