front of property completed wall coating job

Spray applied wall coatings, an example in Bath, Somerset

If your house needs painting this year, no matter where in the UK you are, this example page may help you decide!

Our latest completed spray wall coating job in Bath, Somerset, on a very smart modern house.

This property received the full Never paint again protective coating system and now benefits from a maintenance free exterior, with a 20 year guarantee so lets look at what we did

As you can see, the owner of this smart home had recently carried out a range of home improvements, including the installation of solar panels, and new double glazed windows, so the exterior of the house was the final task.

The client wanted something that he would not have to paint again, plus would give the home full protection from our famous British weather, something paint just doesn’t achieve.

The property had been extended also, and the job was far too big for a DIY project, so he got in contact with some great contractors via the never paint again wall coating website.

Job Description: Wall Coating to exterior.

Our task was to repair a few minor blemishes and defects on the house exterior and then spray apply a classic textured coating to give a durable and maintenance free finish.

front before wall coating
The typical “Before” image!

The first task to give the exterior a clean with a pressure washer, which removed dust, grime and any mould.

We then carried out the repairs, albeit fairly minor on this home, and then masked up the windows, and applied by hand, a cement slurry with bonding primers, known in the trade as “Bagging”.

We can see the start of preparation here

side during work and application of cement primer
The house during the first primer coat

We then re-masked all the windows, and applied by hand a good thorough coating of NPA primer, to give the walls a weatherproof coating, and also to provide a good “key” to apply the exterior wall painting treatment.

A house in Bath, now with a sprayed protective wall coating

side of house after wall coating before dusk
The finished job, and just before the sun went down too!

This house now has a maintenance free exterior wall coating, which will resist damp and mould growth, and also the effects of the weather, especially during winter time! Of course we work all round the UK too.

This amazing spray-on paint system means that the owners do not have to have the exterior walls painted or repaired, or in fact anything, for the next 20 years, with a warranty against failure too!

To find out more about having this masonry painting system on the outside of your house, no matter where in the UK you happen to live, please call us today and ask for further details, on 0800 970 4928 or send the team an email here!

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