rear of workers house with a wall coating

Wall coating a small terraced house in central Manchester, giving it a new lease of life

A typical Victorian workers house in Manchester, in need of refreshing and a new exterior paint finish for these old brick walls.

We overhauled the exterior and smartened the appearance of the house but protected it for the future with our exterior wall coatings which last over 20 years.

Many industrial towns and cities across the north of England had hundreds of thousands of these tiny little houses, often built for mill workers, and many still survive today.

A terrace home in Manchester gets a new lick of paint!

The front door opens into the main lounge, with a smaller room at the rear and, in this case, a tenement extension out the back.

These are traditionally known as “two up-two down” due to the fact there are 2 main rooms on either level, often with a central, narrow and steep staircase leading up to the bedrooms.

If you own a home like this, you could see the value rise after one of our wall coating treatments.

This is one of our before and after case studies from way back in 2008

So what did it look like before we started work?

The rear of a terraced house in Manchester before painting work commenced

Painting and decorating a small terraced house
Painting and decorating a small terraced house

Nothing special is it?

The bricks under that paint also needed a bit of repair but overall it wasn’t too bad, after all it was over 100 years old and these old places were certainly better quality than many of the newest homes that have spring up in recent years.

Your traditional house painter would not have been able to get the surface in a good enough to state to apply paint without it looking terrible.

And this was a small shot of the front, looking a bit odd.

terraced house 2 up 2 down


This is a dead giveaway that someone has attempted to DIY paint it as people who lack experience and competence, always, without fail, start painting the lower floor first!

This itself can cause problems doing it the backward way, as when they start to paint the top bit, paint drips or splashes on the new paint below, causing patches of discoloured paint, making the whole job look terrible.

The first thing we did was to mask up the doors and windows, and lay dust sheets on the paths to prevent any mess.

We then applied a cement slurry primer to the brick walls, then reinstated various areas of loose brick pointing (mortar joins between the bricks)

Once we were satisfied the walls had been put back to a good state of repair, we hand applied a waterproof primer and stabiliser coating, and allowed to dry.

Now time to paint, but we don’t use brushes or roller, we use a spray machine.

The wall coating is mixed so it will run through the pipes of the spray pump, then the operator applies the paint coating by spray, which is a very quick method of house painting.

We then removed the masking paper and stood back to admire our work.

A carefully chosen colour scheme ensures this really stands out from the crowd.

Just look at the front now!

Quite a change eh?

terraced house after wall coatings

Not only does the house look much better than it did before, even the owners agreed with that, the big bonus is that they will not have to carry out any repairs, nor any re-painting, for the next 20 years!

We also painted the rear of the house, and repaired all the brickwork prior to applying our exterior wall coating.

When we apply an exterior masonry coating to bricks, it won’t ruin the look of the house, you can still see the brick

rear of workers house with a wall coating

Although we are a national house painting company, don’t think our prices for this kind of house painting work are high because they are not!

We bulk-buy our paints and coatings direct from the supplier at below factory gate prices, so we can give the customer the very best deal possible, often cheaper than your local one man band could.

That is backed up by award winning customer support for the duration of the works and long afterwards too!

We repair the external walls of homes across Manchester and the north and spray apply our long life exterior wall coatings which are guaranteed for 20 years!

We have worked around Manchester for some considerable years now and if you choose us to work on your home, you will be guaranteed local lads will be doing the work so make sure you contact us for a house painting quote sooner rather than later.

We paint all types of houses, not just terraced ones like this, so even if you have a much larger place, speak to us, no job is too big, we have even done factories, office blocks and other large buildings

Searching for a painting company in greater Manchester need not turn into a headache, call us now on 0800 970 4928

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