tidy room is good for feng shui says never paint again

Using feng shui to choose paint colours

Feng Shui?

No it isn’t a noodle-based soup, it is the ancient and respected Chinese science (art?) of creating harmony in and out of the house by arranging items in a certain way, and having décor in a certain fashion or manner.

So what is Feng Shui and, unless we live next door to the Chinese embassy, or you are reading this in down town Bejing, how can we get advice to use feng shui to arrange our homes?

Feng Shui isn’t just about having a de-clutter, or slapping a bit of paint onto a wall, its a careful science, and can bring many benefits to the whole of your life if taken seriously.

So, what is Feng Shui?

Feng means wind and shui means water.

The practice has developed from over 3,000 years of wisdom and is taken very seriously by many planners and architects of buildings in the far east, but how does it apply to the everyday home found in the UK?

It is based on “Chi” or the unseen energy that flows around the land, and the art of applying this to our homes. This can give a harmonious balance in the house, and they say, will benefit health and wealth, but it is all hocus-pocus or is there some truth in the matter?

There are ways of measuring the energy in your own home, and many bookshops offer books on how to get started using feng shui principles in your own home or workplace.

Feng Shui for the inside of our house.

Starting internally, a good feng shui house should mirror internally, what is outside, so both elements work in harmony. If your house is in a modern street with new-ish houses, don;t, for example, make the inside look like something from one of Dicken’s novels. It just wont work.

If your home is overlooked or doesn’t get much light, balance that, with light colours inside the house. If your home is surrounded by woods or trees, use wood inside the house to complement it and again, balance the energy.

Using feng shui

The location of your home is also important and the feng shui that you adopt, should be in correlation with the location of the house, for example a house next to a busy main road, needs a different type of energy healing than one located in a “cul de sac”. Once again, if this subject interests you, it’s best to get a book and start trying it out for yourself, it really works!

Mirrors and crystal are also good for fen shui, as is de-clutter; put stuff away you don’t need, let the energy move in the house.

Feng shui for the outside of your house.

The outside is just as important as the inside, suggest practitioners of the ancient art, and a scruffy looking house with faded and peeling paintwork, cracks and damp, will NOT do you any favours, and will negate any effort to make the inside look good and for the feng shui to work.

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The front door is also a very important part of attaining the right energy balance and always make sure it is clean, freshly painted and uncluttered.

Choosing the right paint colour.

The effective and sympathetic use of paint colours is one of the cornerstones of Feng Shui and a very powerful force, bringing emotion and harmony, if chosen correctly.

You should not choose a paint colour for the exterior of the house that clashes with surrounding or adjoining homes. A row of white houses with a red house in the middle, totally ruins the streetscape and knocks away the energy flow.

Go with what is around you, be harmonious, but individual at the same time.

As we saw above, clean and tidy walls, with nice fresh paint are a good way to start balancing out the energy and you should certainly look to do this and reap the benefits it brings.

How many turbines dya want maaan?

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