2 bed semi detached house with external wall coatings

2 Bed Semi in Wembley, London with wall coating

Archived post from 2002.  Yet another before and after page from the archives, this ones dates about 8 years ago and shows us attending to a house in Wembley, North London.

The property in question was a two bedroom London semi-detached house with an extensive penetrating damp problem, and the owner knew she needed far more than just a lick of paint on the walls.

We transformed it into a damp-free warm and welcoming family home.

This house will look the same as this in twenty five years time with the thick protective coating of NPA exterior wall coatings!

We not only cured the penetrating damp coming through the upstairs walls, but we also injected a chemical DPC, or damp proof course, to stop the problem the owners had with rising damp.

The walls inside this house were wet during the winter and this had actually caused one of the owners to develop a bronchial condition, so the work we did really helped the owners out, from a health point of view, and a financial point of view too as they don’t ever need to worry about decorating ever again!

House in London with wall coating

This photo shows the preparation stage when we had done the repaired bits, masked over the windows and doors and applied a cement bagging slurry which seals the wall surface and prevents any friable or loose paint or stones from coming away.

Prep stages of wall coating a house in London
Prep stages of wall coating a house in London

That gives the team a good surface to apply the next two stages which are the primer and the texture coating that is to go over the top and make the house free of repainting

And after we had done the spray coating over all of the work we did, the house needed up looking something a bit like this…….

A house in London with an exterior textured coating
A house in London with an exterior textured coating

Not having a textured coating in this case, a damp house, would have caused the owner more harm than already had been done with all the damp.

Although this is from way back when we first started out, I think it is important for potential clients to know that this website is not something that was created by some SEO fella after extensive keyword research and stolen photos from other wall coating sites (hint hint), but the site is based on MY personal experience since 1986.

When you choose us to paint the exterior of your house, you are choosing genuine experience and a genuine care and love of houses, coupled with a burning ambition to repaint every single house in the UK! Ok, that is thinking big, but I would love to see all scruffy houses in England freshly painted and what is wrong with that?

If you want to help me on my house painting mission then get in touch with me and I will give you a good price to paint the exterior of your home.

If your home needs repainting this year, how about having it only done once in 20 years?

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