STOP! This is what you will NOT get if you do not choose never paint again

Sick of the sales patter? This is what you wont get from us

Are you shopping around for home improvements?

Do you dread when you have to meet the salespeople?

If you deal with us, this is what you will NOT get, so pay attention!

Having a fully protected, weatherproof house has obvious long term benefits for anyone who is smart enough to choose a genuine NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior textured coating for their house, but what about the people who decide its not for them?

We don’t operate a “hard sell” policy. We don’t have to.

The beauty of living in a democracy is the fact we have freedom of choice and whilst hundreds of homes every year receive the benefits of long term wall protection with our range of exterior wall coatings, the old saying goes “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!”

Some exterior house painting companies ignore that fact though, and they apply pressure to the prospective customer in the hope of winning them over and making that sale!

Ok, we all have to eat and pay bills and its their job to sell, that’s why they are called salespeople, but here at NPA we firmly believe in NOT pressuring people, or bamboozling them with sales patter!

“Hello Sir, We were just in the area and…….”

“No, you were NOT, Just in the area, you targeted my street”!!!!!

The last thing we would want to do is to sell our wall coating systems using high pressure selling and that is why most of our customer inquiries come to us without us hassling or soliciting for them, i.e. canvassing, or phoning people up.

What you wont get

We know all too well how intrusive and irritating telesales calls are, and dont get me started on people knocking on our door and selling stuff!!!

So far at the office over the past few months we have been asked if we wanted Timeshare (NO), franking machines (NO), Email marketing lists (NO), Insurance (NO), Double glazing (NO), God (!!!!!!… no thanks, not today), and a host of other irritations.

high pressure selling the hard sell

This is why we try and put as much information as we can on this website, and if you see above right, there is also a SEARCH box, if you cant find your way around.

If you are approached at the door by someone who “just happens to be in the area” (i.e. their canvass supervisor have driven some unemployed 17 year olds to a nearby town to do a Lead generating “hit” in the area), and they are offering free “damp surveys”, should you be wary? In some cases yes.

By all means, some of these companies are legit, but what happens when you agree to have an exterior all coatings salesman from a pressure selling company around your house?

People aren’t stupid and after being talked at for 3 to 4 hours its usually when the smart people are fed up and show them the door, but wait, they have another trick up their sleeve to beat you into submission, and today, for the first time, NEVER PAINT AGAIN reveals this sharp selling sales trick, you should watch out for.

“The last chance close”.

When the salesman first knocks on your door, they might say something to break the ice like………

“Ooh Hello Mrs Bloggs, i’m from ********* protective wall coatings, I just saw your house as I walked up the drive,  this is gonna be expensive ha ha ha!”

……so later on, when he presents the price, (the FIRST PRICE) it doesn’t come as much of a shock that yes it IS expensive, & rarely do people agree at that price, but hold on, he has another trick up his sleeve.

The show home scheme

All of a sudden he says he has a “show home referral scheme” and tells you that if you go for it, at a specially reduced price, but have a sign in your window or a board at the front gate, they will get so much extra work from it, and they can pass the savings to you!

Whilst there is some truth in that, and even when the NEVER PAINT AGAIN team finish a job in a street, we often get people enquiring as they can see what a good job we’ve done, but WE dont knock the price off to make the prospective client think that they are now doing THE SALESMAN a favour.

Show homes are often used by textured coating companies because it is difficult to show people a wall coating product unless it is actually on the house and if its is a genuine one-off then so be it, but if the discount is offered to everyone, what’s the point?

(“oh the poor thing, driven all the way to Penzance from Nottingham, we must help him!” NO YOU SHOULDN’T and you have no obligation to do so. This person is in YOUR house and he is trying to SELL to you!)

Three hours & several cups of tea later….

When the high pressure salesman has exhausted all his options (believe me, it’s always a man), and the home owner asks them to leave, they will often come out with the line…….

“…….ok, no problem, I can see this system is not for you, that fine, relax, i’ll just finish up now.”

(this is designed to relax you, and remove the imaginary barriers the prospects have placed in order to not be taken in by the sales patter. But beware, the committed salesman is about to have another go at selling to you….)

“Well as its my job, I will quickly show you what you are NOT going to get today”

This is a classic and is only used by the salespeople with the biggest ego and the most sales hungry for commission. They continue…………

“This is what you WON’T be getting today…………”


“Today, Mr prospect, I’m afraid you will NOT be getting rid of the damp patches we saw in the back bedroom, that damp is going to get MUCH worse.”

If the sales rep has discovered damp in your house, he actually may be telling the truth on this occasion, unless of course you can see you NEED something done to the house, such as an exterior weatherproof wall coating, but just not by his company!

He should be in “full flow” now…..

“Lets quickly look at what else you WON’T be getting before I go. I want you to remember us a professional company and ok, if this wasn’t for you today, maybe you would tell your friends and family about us?”

……….to which you agree, as you want him gone, however STOP. He is using a old trick to get you to say “YES” many times to his questions, which in theory means that it is going to give him a chance to sell to you because you keep saying YES and this is what HE wants to hear!

“You will be of course committed now to paying someone to have the house painted every year, now that money is going to mount up over the years isn’t it” (“yes!”)”

“And you of course WON’T be benefiting from complete weather protection, nor will you enjoy a great looking house, just like these ones!”

(when he starts to open his “pitch book” again, to rekindle your interest in taking a look at completed houses with a wall coating………

And you can tell that this approach goes on and on.

Sometimes the prospective client does give in and says yes, sometimes the experience is so awful and stressful, it’s a breath of fresh air just to get him out of the door.

Make your decision in YOUR time, not a salesman’s time.

Despite the above paragraphs sounding far fetched, this sort of thing actually does happen every day up and down the country. If you are interested in having someone around to discuss an external renovation and a fresh new re-paint, take your time and don’t be pressured.

There is plenty of information on this site, including product samples and photo galleries, for you to make your own decision to get a price for a wall coating, as an alternative to paint.

Never paint again are committed to no pressure selling in Home Improvements, and have been writing about this “heavy handed” sales technique for many years in magazines and online.

If you would like to speak to someone first, without committing to an appointment, that’s absolutely fine, we love to hear from people just like you and we dont hard sell, unlike many of our competitors, we are NOT desperate for work!!! 🙂

When one of our reps visit your home, you are treated with the utmost courtesy and are NEVER “sold to”, conned or ripped off, the decision is entirely yours and we always respect that!

Give us a ring today on 0800 970 4928 or CLICK HERE and send us an email, telling us about your house and what you want us to quote you for.

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