Mesh being applied to the wall ready for insulated render

External insulated render for homes with cavity walls

If you live in a modern house with cavity walls, apart from cavity wall insulation, what else will insulate the house?

We look at thermal render wall coatings and how they can help retain the heat inside your home, and lower your heating bills.

Are you getting sick of paying high home heating bills?

Could the outside of the house do with a bit of work?

Thermally insulated renders are an insulated external hard wall covering which retains heat in the house and is ideal for cold homes, making considerable savings of up to 50% of heat loss through your walls, especially those built with a cavity, usually after about 1930.

Insulating your solid walls you could cut your heating costs by up to 40%.


If your home is often cold, even with the heating on, you could be suffering from poor exterior wall insulation, either by the very construction of the house itself, such as not having any cavity, or this can be due to deterioration in the walls over time.

Yes, a massive 40% off your heating bills can be saved by having experts repair your house walls and apply a very durable, visually pleasing, and ultra long life, coloured render coating.

What are Thermal Render Coatings?

Our version of thermal render coatings are a coloured synthetic render wall covering,  manufactured in Belgium by the experts at Cantillana, one of Europe’s foremost manufactures of hard wall coating systems.

It is a super tough and insulated wall covering.

This special render is SIMILAR to products such as K-rend and Weber render products. It is also known as “Through render”, “monocap” and “monocouche”.

It brings many benefits, not only insofar as the exterior walls of ANY house, no matter how bad condition, will look fabulous.

Due to the hard wearing nature of the render coating, all weather that mother nature can throw at it, will simply be repelled with ease by the special water dispersing surface, meaning damp will never come back.

What happens if my house is not insulated?

If you do not have external wall insulation fitted, most of the heat which is generated in your home to keep you warm, from radiators, fireplaces etc, escapes out of the walls

This can be proven for certain by appointing a qualified surveyor to do a thermal image scan on your home, which would pinpoint where the heat is being lost.

Not only that, the heat loss is using valuable CO2 and contributes to harming the environment in a small way.

If your home is losing heat, you could do no worse than considering having thermal render fitted.

What is through render?

This system is often called “through render” meaning that the colour goes all the way through the coating, instead of being just painted over the top.

This means that it has a deep, but subtle colour tone on the wall, and will not fade, nor crack or chip, and this means not only will you save a lot of money on heating bills, you will also save MORE MONEY on not having to have the house repaired or repainted for up to 20 years minimum!

Variations on a theme….

Never paint again work with many different variations of products, all along the same tried and trusted theme: To have a weatherproof and maintenance free home exterior, but one that looks great and lasts a long time!

We also do a SOLID WALL THERMAL COATING for older houses, which involves affixing a thermal layer to the outside walls.

For houses requiring a semi permanent exterior wall coating but thermal resistance not being of such importance, our range of reinforced coloured rendering systems means that you CAN have your cake and eat it!


The cost of a thermal render system largely depends on the size of your house and the current condition of the walls at present. The bigger the house, the higher the cost.


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