An abandoned pub in London with graffiti

The writing’s on the wall for anti graffiti coatings

Graffiti. Some people consider it as Art, especially after the success of Bristol’s infamous “Banksy”, but others see it as the scourge of our town and cities, and a blot on the landscape, defacing buildings and walls of homes up and down the UK.

What can you do if your home has suffered a spray paint attack from the local yobs? We look at anti graffiti coatings.

There must be nothing worse than waking up one morning, going out the door, and seeing that your front garden wall has been defaced with offensive graffiti.

It must be the same feeling of dread for the local schools and shopping centres who often get attacked with the dreaded spray can, almost always by gangs of “chavs” who think its cool.

Well, it’s NOT cool!

This kind of vandalism is endemic throughout Europe and the USA and many owners of buildings, including those in the public sector, eventually give up and let the kids win, but the chaps at NEVER PAINT AGAIN know a lot of people in the industry and we know how you can BEAT the vandals, and we’re going to tell you now!

 So if you have been attacked by vandals, what do you about it?

Well, the first thing you should do is, rather unusually, NOT try and clean it off, not yet anyway, especially as chances are it will be acrylic auto paint and will NOT wash off so you will be wasting your time and effort.

The 1st thing to do is to take photos of it, and inform the police, although they may not be able to take any action, but if the “artist” (?) has “tagged” i.e., signed their work, the police may be able to trace them, or use it as evidence in a case file, should they ever catch them.

After that has been done, it’s time to establish how to remove it, or to paint over it.

Not all graffiti is vandalism. This was done for an animal charity in Valencia, Spain, on a building scheduled for demolition.

NOTE: It’s important to distinguish vandalism, from genuine street art.

If you have a pebbledashed or other heavily textured wall, it is going to be hard to remove.

If you have a painted wall, then simply get some paint with the same colour, and paint over it, and hey presto, the graffiti is gone, however, a word of warning.

In my days hanging out in London in the 90’s, I knew quite a few of these people (a long story, and no I won’t elaborate), but a freshly painted wall, to a graffiti “artist” is the same as a fresh artists canvas, so be warned, ………..if you don’t take some sort of steps to avoid this happening, it will happen again. So what do you do?

Anti graffiti coatings.

The solution comes closer to home, from Oxford to be more exact, in the form of anti graffiti coatings from leading paint manufacturer, Andura.

The 2 products we looked at were Andura Permagard, and also Andura Graffiti Re-Gard.

andura_graffiti coating

Graffiti coatings suggestion 1.

Permagard is is a …

…”two component water-based clear finish designed to provide optimum protection against graffiti in internal and external situations…..”

These anti graffiti coatings are designed to be applied over the top of existing paints or coatings, and is fine for internal and external application as it is water based. It form a fine waxy surface on top of the painted wall, and you cant even see it is there.

The magic with this is when the graffiti kid defaces your wall, all you have to do is spray the wall with a pressure hose, the sort that you would clean your car with, and the graffiti comes away, leaving your wall undamaged and good as new!

All you then do is to reapply the coating and allow to dry.

The little horrors will soon get bored if they see their work gone, as if it want ever there.

Anti Graffiti coatings suggestion 2.

The other system we looked at was High performance anti-graffiti glaze, which is also known as “Graffiti re-gard” and Andura state that it is…….

“………..A water based clear finish designed to provide optimum protection against all types of graffiti on new and coated substrates.”

They also go on to say that it is an environmentally safe anti graffiti paint control product for use on new and coated structures which provides the best protection against graffiti spray paint, marker pens, crayons and all other types of graffiti and wanton vandalism.

Anti Graffiti Paint is a coating that allows easy removal of graffiti time after time. Andura’s Anti Graffiti Coating allows repeated easy removal of graffiti using mild detergents and a high powered pressure washer. (text (C) andura)

 Both product are available directly through Andura (not us), and they can be contacted on 01869 240375

So although there are other products out there, the 2 we tested form Andura made us feel that we don;t really need to go elsewhere as the coating are by far the best we have seen.

…and finally….

What to do if Banksy writes on your walls…….

Ignore all the advice I have given you above, and cover it with perspex, because, and yes it sounds daft, but that scrawl can actually be worth thousands of pounds!!!!! It is also prudent to cover it, to prevent it being vandalised. (Oh how ironic is that?!)

There may be a way, depending on the type of wall it is on, to remove the outer wall surface, such as the first coat of render, whilst keeping the image intact.

And then sell it on ebay.

So graffiti is bad, but you can take steps to avid it, or be able to easily wash it away.

… does that mean graffiti is good if Bansky did it?

(c) Banksy


Image above courtesy of Banksy

Yes I used to know him in real life and NO, I will not tell you his real name!

Main image at top of page, copyright (?) “Snoe”, another “Graffer” I used to know!

Disclaimer: This is for information only, we do not sell these coatings, please contact the manufacturer mentioned here. We were NOT paid to write this post either and it is against our company policy to pay for or accept payment for links. Do not write on people’s walls. Thank you

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