top 5 reasons for a wall coating

Top 5 reasons why an external wall coating saves you money

When the average householder has to dip in his or her pocket yet again for a chap to come around and paint the outside of the house, for many of us, the penny drops, that we are wasting money on this!

The problem is that if your house has paint on the outside, it only lasts a certain length of time before cracks appear, along with mould and maybe even a flaked bit of paint or two.

Is this a familiar story to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get it painted only once and then not have to bother about spending any more money on painting the house, or in fact any repairs to the property, for up to 20 years?

A gimmick yes? Just the editor coming out with sales nonsense to get you to buy something?

Actually no!

I have worked in this industry since 1986 and am pleased to have been fortunate enough to help 1000’s of normal home loving people across the UK make house painting something that they USED TO talk about, but have far more important and interesting things to be getting along with nowadays!

I’m going to briefly explain the top 5 reasons why having an exterior wall coating applied to your house will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

Firstly, if you were not aware, a wall coating is the generic term for the long life weatherproof painting system that we use. No we don’t paint your house, we spray it with a special stuff that looks like paint but lasts for ages!

The 5 reasons to buy a wall coating for your house

1. No need to repaint for 20 years

OK, well first off the blocks is the obvious fact that once a long life wall covering is spray applied onto the exterior of your house, you will not need to pay anyone to paint it again, for up to 20 years.

Don’t get the calculator out just yet but if you paint your home bi-annually at lets say a cost of £2000, you only have to times that by 10 to see that in the space of 20 years you will pay at least £20,000 just on painting the house and that does not include inflation, vat rises or any repairs!

The average cost of our system is around £3,500 depending on how big your house is, and it doesn’t need to be done again, so that is a saving of at least £17,000!

2. Protection against costly repairs

Another reason to have a wall coating is the repair service that comes FREE with every job, something your local decorator will not offer you.

When we apply the wall coating system, we do all repairs needed such as rendering, damp proofing and cracks, before we apply the coating, which then goes over the top of these bits and stops cracks and suchlike from ever appearing again.

This means no money will need to spent on repairs, which can be expensive!

 3. Money saving costing lower heating bills.

Yep, our wall coating system cuts wind chill, one reason why your walls are cold, which means you will have the heating on higher because the room will feel cold.

This is due to cold water in your porous wall, being chilled further by cold weather and wind.

Having a wall coating will stop this and the inside of the house will feel much warmer, so your heating bills will be less, saving you even MORE money!

4. Your home will be worth more.

Make your estate agent’s day by beautifying AND weather-proofing your house, giving it a fresh new look, but with the added benefit of a guaranteed wall finish that will put pounds onto your house and make it far easier to sell, especially as that all important warranty can be used as selling point when marketing the house.

Instant Kerb appeal!

5. Banish damp walls, condensation and mould!

If your home is currently suffering from damp or mould, or maybe there is a lot of condensation on the windows each morning, it is highly likely that the humidity levels in your home are way too high for comfortable living and the chance of catching a bad cold or breathing problem from that mould is a risk not worth taking.

All of our external wall coatings or render products stop damp and mould from ever appearing again, putting money on the value of your house as it does so.

Wethertex masonry coatings

So these wall coatings sound good, how can I find out more about them?

That is the easy bit.

To learn a bit more about what we have been talking about today, click here and we will tell you more.

Or give us a call now, on 0800 970 4928

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