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The pros and cons of UPVC double glazing

Double glazed windows have been available for some years now, and the benefits in having this window system fitted are certainly something that you should consider if your home has single glazed windows.

One of the main sources of heat loss in the home is through the windows.

The other elements on a house that let heat escape is the roof and also heat loss out of the walls, so if you are planning some home improvements, is it a good idea to consider having double glazed windows fitted? Everyone else has them, don’t they?

The concept of double glazing is not just related to windows, but to any glass surface used in construction around the home.

Therefore things like roof windows, canopies, conservatories and doors, can also benefit from having 2 panes of glass instead of one!

Saving money with double glazed windows

The market for double glazing has “matured” in the UK and, along with the obliteration of many bad selling techniques, the industry has partially shed it’s poor image, helped along with positive advances in window design and material technology.

Heat escapes from single glazed windows, that is a fact.

The heat in your house will be generated by of course the heating, such as fires, radiators etc, cooking, and of course showers and baths.

The latter is a problem if the double glazing in your windows are not fitted with trickle vents because it is important for some moist air to escape, as if most airs remains inside, this can cause condensation if not allowed to vent outside.

A good exterior wall coating fitted to the wall will help cure condensation by reducing the cold-wall effect inside and therefore not allowing the airborne moisture to condense.

Many people in the UK do not realise how much money the could save by having new double glazed windows fitted to their home, and if all homes in the UK were fitted with new windows, it is estimated that over £700,000,000 the UK would have saved in reduced heating bills!

That is a hell of a lot of money!

Not only that, the total carbon emissions from the UK would fall noticeably, protecting the environment as well as peoples bank balances.

Having new windows fitted can transform your home

There’s nothing like the feeling of brand new double glazed windows looking back at you.

It is important to note that if you are looking for a complete makeover of your house from the team here, the double glazed windows really need to be done BEFORE the walls are worked on, or nasty scars and blemishes will be left around the windows once the walls have been painted, meaning that the wall coating team would have to return to touch-up the edges around the windows.

So anyway, are double glazed windows the must have for all homes?

Double glazing: The good bits

Double glazing has many benefits and if you can afford the initial outlay, here’s what to expect:


  • Keep the heat locked in to the house, saving you money on heating.
  • Will stop noise coming into the house which is good if you live on a main road.
  • Give you karma (!) by reducing your carbon emissions
  • Reduce maintenance costs as they don’t need repainting.
  • Available in many designs and colours like the wood effect below.
  • Increased home security.
  • Increase the value of the house.

Double glazing: the bad bits

Double glazing brings benefits rather than hindrances to your home however for a balanced discussion, it’s best we look at the flip side briefly.

These types of windows are great in keeping the heat inside, whoever in some cases, especially when the windows can expect direct sun, the house can be too warm in the summer months.

There are some solutions to this in the form of tinted window films, or special light reflective glass panes, and these are known as reflective glazing.

Typically it is rare to see this type of window in British homes, but more common in hotter climates, although this sometimes increases the need for brighter lighting inside the house.

It stands to reason that when a house is designed, someone, somewhere, chooses what windows to be put in, to suit the style of the house, the age, and the surrounding area.

To have new windows or not?

It is of course entirely your choice as to whether you have double glazing put into your home, or to have your existing windows replaced.

There are mostly advantages than disadvantages, however take note of the style that would suit your home, the cost, the reputation of the company that you plan to use.

Make sure that you get references from previous customers and do not sign a deal on the day from a pushy salesman, who should be stuck back in the 1980’s with the hard sell approach.

Take your time to select the right double glazing for your house by selecting a good and reputable supplier.

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