Large house in Lincolnshire having repairs prior to painting-min

The NPA Wall Coating Co. can paint ANY house no matter what condition

Large or small, tall or short, pristine or a wreck, no matter what size or condition your house is currently in, The Never Paint Again wall coating Company can repair and paint it, and we do with style, sheer hard work, and over 30 years experience under our belt too.

It can be a bit of a minefield, trying to find a decent painter and decorator, one you can trust, and with a provable track record….

We have been painting all types of house, in all areas of the UK too, in fact we’ve even done work in Europe, so if the outside of your house needs painting this year, you know who to call!

The Never Paint Again Wall Coating Company, specialists for damp proof paints for exterior walls

We started out way back in 1986, which seems a scarily long time ago.

There was no internet and therefore no YouTube, no Facebook, no twitter, no mobile phones, only a few channels on the TV, how on earth did we get by without all this stuff we take for granted now?

I can also bet that in 1986 your house cost a tiny fraction of what it’s “worth” now, although the concept of house prices is a baffling science in itself so let’s not go there in this article!

No matter what is happening in the house market, I can tell you that if you are trying to sell your home, it WILL sell and for the price you want, if it is in a good state of repair and freshly painted.

If you have no plans to move and are looking to improve your home and ADD VALUE to it, then once again, if it looks good, and has no defects, you are halfway to achieving your goal of adding value to it.

What are the benefits of getting NPA Never Paint Again to paint my property?

Whether you own a terrace in Telford or a Bungalow in Bodmin, we have a local agent close to you, someone who is skilled and competent in all areas of building repair, painting, decorating and of course, applying our textured wall coating system.

Unlike a normal paint job, our never paint again wall coating lasts upwards of 20 years, with no need to repair or repaint during that time. It’s not a paint job, it’s a full exterior makeover for your house.

That comes with a full 20 year guarantee, something no local decorator would our could ever commit to.

They WANT to see you every 2 years as they WANT your money.

Our exterior wall coating system only needs to be applied ONCE every 20 years.

Our wall coatings do not fade, crack, chip, flake or peel, plus they stop damp, mould and condensation. There does not exist a masonry paint which offers any of these benefits.

If you are here and you you are asking “i want someone to paint my house” then you certainly are in luck.

How does the Never paint again Wall coating system differ from normal painting?

The biggest difference with the never paint again system is the fact that we use a spray machine to apply our paint rather than paint brushes or rollers, although those tools are still used in the wall coating preparation process.

A house in Dorset having the walls sprayed with a resin textured wall coating
This photo shows the sheer amount of masking up and prep work needed to spray our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN masonry coating. Note the spray equipment in the foreground.

As we spray our long life wall coatings we have to ensure no mess or overspray is made so as you can see in the photo above, we use dust sheets everywhere, plus we mask up the doors and windows.

(You can still get in and out of your house whilst this masonry coating process is being carried out, we don’t trap you inside!)

This also means that, unlike your local painter, we don’t run several house painting jobs at the same time, the NEVER PAINT AGAIN team turn up on day one, and we work on YOUR house until the job is finished, the mess is cleared up and the house looks brilliant.

Another key point to remember is that decorators use WATER BASED PAINT and therefore can only work during Spring and Summer.

Our wall coatings are based on resins, not water, and therefore can be applied all year round, even during winter.

Large house painting jobs are something Never Paint Again excels at

Large property in Lincolnshire repaired and painted with wethertex wall coatings-min

The above house was located in Lincolnshire and took about a week and half to complete.

The owner was delighted and posted the following review on our Facebook page.

I have been very pleased with this company all the way from the initial quote through to the completion of a highly professional job.

Communication has always been good, particularly when the weather was interfering with progress.

The workers were thoroughly impressive and did a great preparation and paint job transforming my ugly pebble-dashed house into a thing of beauty – a dwelling I am now so much happier returning to!

I am very happy to recommend Never Paint Again UK and their paint team – great job!


This is just one genuine review of hundreds we hold on file.

It is this level or customer care and commitment to excellence that the never paint again wall coating system is the gift that keeps on giving.

You can read more reviews of never paint again here, all of whom have had their house painted by us.

Why not get in contact with Never Paint Again to paint your house?

Your home is by far your largest and most valuable asset, so it pays to keep it in as best condition as you can.

Our exterior wall coating system is suitable for any type of property large or small, all repairs are carried out whilst work is in progress, and each job takes a week on average from start to finish.

We work in all areas of mainland UK, so why not speak to us this year about having the exterior of your house painted and weatherproofed and looking fab, in fact fab for the next next 2 decades!

Give us a call on 0800 970 4928 and let’s talk house painting

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