The main thing stopping you selling your Spanish property

If you own a house in Spain and are becoming frustrated at the inability to sell the property, are you doing enough and are there curable factors which you can take action and get the house sold?

Graham hunt explains to NEVER PAINT AGAIN, what steps you could and should take, to sell your house in Spain.

OK there is the obvious, element which can go against any efforts to sell a Spanish property….. the asking price.

If your price is too high then no amount of “window dressing” will get your Spanish property sold unless you are extremely lucky.

However there are other factors that will stop you being able to sell a property easily and one of them is often overlooked by a throwaway remark, “Yeah we had a problem in the past but it is sorted now”.

Is it?


A house in Spain with a pool

The word is damp.

As an ex asthma sufferer I am very susceptible to damp. I can smell it a mile off and as an amateur practitioner of NLP I also get to see when people are lying.

I walk into a room and say “So you have some damp in here then?”

The answer is invariably that there had been a leak in the roof at some indeterminate point in the past and some damp had got in but the roof is fixed now and there is no longer a problem, or that the smell is only there because the room has been closed up for a time.

This is actually true in some cases.

I once went to see a property on Portacoeli that had the worst damp problem I have ever seen and it had come through the roof because the whole of the upstairs area had damp around the top of the walls and some rooms were truly horrendous cases.

The cracks were visible from outside too showing where the water was getting in. That was a serious case but many damp problems are simply a lack of preparation and do not require expensive remedies.

Sometimes though it is not true, I often get the explanation when the damp is around the bottom of the walls. It is patently and evidently untrue (So why do you tell me that?)

How does this affect you as a seller of Spanish property though?

Well, if you get an offer for your property when it suffers a damp problem then it will inevitably be a low offer which you may dismiss out of hand.

One thing that I can guarantee you is that if the damp problem had been sorted then you would get a much better offer and would be interested. The important point for a seller is that the cost of fixing the problem will invariably be a lot less than the discount demanded by a potential buyer because the buyer’s mind will always exaggerate the cost of repair massively.

More importantly if you have five potential buyers of the property 4 of them will simply not make an offer if the house is perceived to have damp problems. It is one of the most common reasons that buyers give me for not having made an offer even if they love the property in itself!

What’s the lesson?

Get your damp problems sorted before putting a property on sale. Without doing that you have very little chance of selling at a decent price, even if we were living in a rising market.


About the author.

Graham Hunt lives in Spain and is an accomplished and experienced blogger, writer, author and Estate Agent in Valencia, Spain.

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Graham hunt of Valencia Property. Selling homes in Spain
Graham hunt of Valencia Property. Selling homes in Spain

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