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The daily working life of one of our surveyors

This blog post is a slight change from what we normally write about! This is the story of a typical day in the life of me! One of the Wall Coatings surveyors who work in the never paint again group.

There are a few of us who cover certain areas, but, to debunk some myths, and to give you a rare behind the scenes look, here’s what I do…….

There are many people who work within our group, but they all matter, and they all have their respective roles to take. In a break from the norm, (and the fact the I, the editor, have written about the same old thing for the past 9 years!), I thought I would write about something different today!

This is me a couple of years ago, with my old BMW, posing for a snap at a clients house!

So today we are looking at what really goes on behind the scenes, after all, we wouldn’t want to be accused of being “just a website” now would we?

A typical day in “Never Paint Again” world!

The day starts early, about 6-ish, or earlier if a long drive to see someone is on the cards, and the computer gets switched on, and then a cup of VERY strong coffee is enjoyed whilst waiting for the computer to start up.

I then check the previous nights/evenings emails from both existing Wall Coatings clients, and also new sales enquiries that come in during the evening, including from our 24 hours a day voicemail. (0800) 970 4928

These are then passed to the various relevant departments for action as needed, issuing priority ones for the first calls. Then the various regional Wall Coatings surveyors are issued with their days calls, and they then take care of their own diary and off they go.

After the coffee…..

Once everyone is set up for the day and raring to go, it’s my turn to sort my diary out ready for the days calls around the south west of England from my base in Plymouth, although we have other offices, the most notable being Sheffield, Yorkshire, but I’m the “country bumpkin” form the Devon branch!

Wall Coatings surveying

Close proximity to the A38 means I can be out the door and on the road pretty quickly, and on my way to either survey a completed wall coating installation or to meet a new client who wants a price to have their house painted with one of our external wall coverings.

Sometimes the office is the first call.

Our registered office is sometimes visited as it is where some of our accounts and administration takes place, but occasionally the city centre Plymouth Wall Coatings office can be very hand for quick meetings and to meet up with suppliers and so on.

During my site visit.

Each site visit, when we come and see you at your request, is different from the last one and all customers are treated with courtesy and respect.

What I mean is, every house we see is different, as we have discussed before on this blog, and every customer is different, so now the hard work for us starts!

Unlike many other home improvement companies, we don’t turn up to your house without an invite, nor, once we do get an invite, do we out-stay our welcome!

No hard sell with me EVER!

high pressure selling the hard sell

There was up until a few years ago, a well known wall coating company in Peterborough who were famous for the hardest “sell” I have ever seen in my whole life.

Their salesmen had to learn a scrip, parrot fashion, and then turn up at someone’s house, sit there for up to FIVE HOURS (!!!!!!!!!) and recite a script! Their approach was to bamboozle and break down the customer into submission until they said yes, sometimes just to get rid of the salesman!!!!!

Scary stuff, and I am pleased to say that we are the opposite of people like this!I have no idea of the quality of their work, whether it was good or bad, haven’t a clue so I can’t comment on that, but they sold a trowel applied wall coating, a bit similar to a coating that we offer.

When I, or one of my colleagues come to see you, it’s a happy occasion!

Our visits are relaxed and informal and we dont use a sales script, or a sales pitch. If you like we what we do, and then order one of our house rendering or house painting services, great, no problem! We talk care of all the paperwork and all the organising, it could not be easier!

“If I show you what we do and you don’t like it, that’s still ok, hey, we won’t take it personally!”

Neither will we sit in your front room for hours on end, talking you into submission!

Obviously getting the house sorted out is important, and we stay as long as you need us to, not as long as we need to if you see what I mean? So what do I, (the never paint again surveyor), actually DO?

DO I sit here all day writing stuff on my computer? NO thanks. This is what I do………

What happens when I do a survey of your house.

When I am there, I take great care in finding out what you want doing to the house exactly, after all that is why I am there.

I show you some samples and colour charts of our special exterior wall coatings, and then I go outside with you to have a look at the house, armed with my measuring tape, and my note book.

I am then able to have a good look at the property, checking for problems like cracks, loose pebbledash, or damp, and noting it all down in my book.

I then start to take measurements of the total size of the wall, and then estimate the size of the windows, and then of course subtract the window area from the total, giving me the exact size of the area of your house walls that will be treated with one of our renders or resin based wall coatings.

Giving you the BEST price I possibly can!

I then add extra items such as repairs that are needed (which are priced up at cost price by the way), and then make a note of what colours you would like the house to be finished in, and then finally I do a risk assessment and safety check, very quickly, just to make sure the house is actually suitable to have us do the work on it. I also make a note of any areas that may need scaffolding, such as over conservatories or extensions at the back.

I then give the price to you for the work you say you want doing to the house, in writing, for you to think about at your leisure, with no pressure or anything. You can place the order there and then and I sort the paperwork out for you and deal with any requests, or I can leave the price with you, and you call me back whenever you are ready to make a decision. It is a simple and hassle free as that!

If you are still unsure, give us a call, we always love hearing from people.

Time off?

Oh yes!

Well before I finish, I hope I have given you, dear reader, an insight and a behind the scenes glimpse of what it is we do every day. Of course it’s not all work, but……

Working here, especially since the recession kicked in, is not easy and every day brings new challenges. Of course like I said, it’s not all work work work, and when i’m not working, I return to my other house in Valencia, Spain, to spend time with the family, and also to enjoy the lovely warm spanish weather.

Saying that though, I’m not sat on the beach each day, contrary to what my family think (!), because we also have a Spanish house painting company which due to the current euro crisis, could probably do with my help!

……..so I’m off to do that now, and one of my colleagues will be able to attend to you, but rest assured, if you need your house painting this year, why not give me a call and let’s have a chat.

Copyright 2012 Guy Alexander Bell. BSc.(hons). PgDp. Surveyor.

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