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The benefits of wall coatings against DIY paints

So there you are, painting your house, just like last year, but unless you REALLY love painting houses, would it not be better to have something a bit more long lasting on there, but something that looks good, rather than pebbledash, which looks terrible or DIY paint which never does a great job?

Masonry paints are OK to a point, but unless you are a seasoned painter and decorator, or for some weird reason, you REALLY enjoy the hassle and cost of doing it each year, then surely there’s got to be a better way than this right?

OK, cards on the table, I’m somewhat biased as not only do I REALLY love painting houses, and started when I was 14 years old, way back in 1985 (!), because I have so much experience of painting the outsides of houses, I quickly learned better and much easier ways of doing it than the traditional masonry painting way.

Firstly I realised that using a paint roller, one with a very thick “knap” would make the job quicker, I also learnt things such as the importance of covering up areas not to be painted such as doors, windows and the floor, which saved me DAYS in cleaning up after a job, time that could be better spent earning money, painting another customers house.

So how did the editor of NPA get into all this?

My painting exploits of course started when I was a kid using masonry paints, and “helping” (I use that word in the broadest possible sense) my late father Clive, who was a builder at the time. In 1985 he got a job with London Coating company and started installing Spray applied exterior wall coatings, working out of the Wellington office in Somerset, and then later Taunton. Pioneering days.

This was very new to me too, but even at an early age I realised the benefits of using the system, and how much better it was than normal masonry paint, whether it was applied with a brush or a roller, the finished effect with a wall coating just seemed better.

london coating company van
My van at the London Coating Company, Kingsbury, NW London. 1986

The first jobs I did with my old dad were in the westcountry, in places like Plymouth, Tavistock, Torbay, Dartmouth, Exeter, Totnes, Okehampton, and so on.

I had quite a few jobs in Cornwall too, in such wonderful places like Newquay, Looe, Mevagissy, St Just, St Austell and Truro etc., but when I turned 18 and had my own painting team, most of my work was around London. Yep the bright lights (and the extra money!) spirited me away from mediocrity in Devon and up there with the movers and shakers in “The smoke” as we call London down here.

The first job I ever did on my own with wall coatings, was a house in Surbiton, in Surrey. Oh I wish digital cameras had been invented then!

For a young lad, it was certainly a baptism of fire and maybe I should start being more of a raconteur and telling you about my experiences? Such as the time I met Frankie Howerd whilst I was sat outside a job In Kensington, London, munching on a Cornish pasty!

(Typical Plymothian eh?!, can’t go anywhere without a Cornish pasty!)

So what the beef on here about using paint?!

Painting a house with the type of paint that you get down at the local DIY shop certainly has its uses, but also it’s limitations. For sure, at the start, buying masonry paint seems cheap, but as the old saying goes, pay cheap, pay twice, and as masonry paint has to be done every couple of years, the cost soon mounts up.

It is important to take the long term view with home maintenance instead of going for the latest fads, or scrimping on quality, because any money saved now, will cost you far more later on.

Painting a house with normal DIY paint, whether you do it yourself, or hire a painter, will only last so long, and if the building requires extra works such as repairs to the rendering, then the cost can mount up even more.

If your decorator tells you he is just going to shove some decorators filler in the cracks, and paint over the hollow render, you really should show him the door and call an external wall specialist instead.

Using Exterior Wall Coatings to paint the house.

Ah now you’re talking. As I said above, when I learnt about wall coatings from my Dad, it was like a breath of fresh air, albeit one that smelt of white spirit, so I passed down through the ranks over the years and gained a lot of experience in all aspects of applying wall coating to a house, and I write this website based on my professional experience, so that you, the customer, can get the REAL view and an honest opinion, on what we do, and why wall coatings beat paint hands-down.

Be wary of 5 page websites selling wall coatings: They just want your money.

Unlike most of the other websites selling external wall coatings. Why? Well, this very site has not been put together by some SEO website fella in a bedroom in Mumbai, nor is the site full of sales talk like some online we find.

We haven’t sat here for ages researching what keywords will make you buy from us, not have we bought loads of cheesey images from a photo agency because fly-by-night wall coating firms with crappy 5 page websites have no jobs done by them to speak of and most of the images on their wall coating websites are NOT genuine.

On the contrary, we have GENUINE photos of our jobs, NOT ones scanned from a brochure or stolen from other painting websites like MINE, or provided by one of their self-employed freelance spray crews, after he did a cash in hand job a few streets away from his house.

All the jobs you see on this site have either been done by me personally, or one of my contractor friends, and one look at the our photo gallery page will show you that.

Not only that, we have an astounding EIGHTY PAGES of projects done by us over the years, so you can be sure to get the information that you need in a jiffy!

So what ARE the benefits of having an exterior wall coating?

Well, as the name of our site suggests, Never Paint Again (!), although that is of course not be taken literally as “Never paint your house, for at least 20 years” would have been far too long a website address!!!!

The main difference between our guys and your local decorator is the fact that not only we do all the repairs needed to your home such as fixing any defects, cracks and bad pebbledash areas, we take our inspiration from painting companies I came across when working in the USA.

We get the job done quickly, rather than spin it out over several weeks, and therefore we cause the minimum of fuss and disruption which, according to our customers, is one of the main reasons they are always happy to recommend us.

Work in progress!

Cost of rendering walls yorkshire
Rendering and painting work in Progress

To take just ONE example, you see the photo above?

That was a house in Doncaster, which one of our contractors was rendering and you can see in the photo, the work is in progress and note the fact that we took a great deal of time in applying masking to the doors and windows so we would not make any mess. The conservatory was also covered over to protect it before we started painting.

In just one week, the same house looked like this…..

Yorkshire wall coatings
A house painted with exterior wall coatings

But what LOOKS LIKE masonry paint on the walls is actually one of our special external coatings, and the paint finish will not crack or chip, and it won’t fade or peel either, meaning that the owners do not have to call anyone in again, not even us, for at least 20 years.

That comes with a guarantee, issued by the company who does the work, so you have total peace of mind, which is something your decorator will not give.

Not only does the house not need painting again, cracks will not appear, and the render is protected from the elements too, so damp won’t get into the house, which means the interior walls will also be protected from black mould and stains.

If this sort of thing interests you then why not contact us to find out more? You DON’T get a sales pitch or a hard sell from us, that’s not our style, you get a friendly un-hurried service, from experienced professionals who can help and advise you on any aspect of your home.

Guy Alexander Bell. Bsc.(hons).Pg.Dp.

telephone-us on 0800 970 4928

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