2002 wall coatings job

This house we painted in 2002 proves our paint lasts!

There are loads of companies on the net offering the same sort of wall coating system as us, but is it all true? Is it a gimmick? Do our coatings last a long time? Yes they do!

This end of terrace house in Weston Park road, Peverell, Plymouth (circa 1850) needed a quick solution to the yearly problem of decorating.

The end wall also had large areas of hollow render, the start of damp ingress.

We painted in 2002 and revisited it in 2012 and ten years later the paint is still white despite being next to a main road!

UPDATED IN 2016, As promised we often go back and check the progress of our coatings, by appointment with the client of course, and we inspected it recently and it’s looking grand!

Proof that NPA masonry coatings DO last as long as we say, and the sheer fact that it is next to a busy road but is not dirty, nor is it cracked or peeling proves beyond doubt that our wall coatings work.

So what work did we do to the exterior walls of this house?

Well, of course we painted it, but it is worth noting that this was in February and was bitterly cold, so painters using masonry paint could not work, but our resin based paint system does not freeze, so we used that, and applied it by spray.

This shows the masking up we did to protect from paint splashes.

Masking up the windows to not make a mess
Masking up the windows to not make a mess

The walls were power washed and cleaned, the cracks repaired, the hollow render replaced to match, the doors and windows were masked up to protect, and then we carried out application of Pliolite primer coat, and then a final spray applied coat of the never paint again exterior wall coating system.

This photo, albeit a bit small, shows the wall rendering being done.

Rendering the bottom of the gable end
Rendering the bottom of the gable end

This was how the house looked when we finished the work in 2002.


This was the end wall of the house after we finished in 2002
This was the end wall of the house after we finished in 2002

(Sorry about the quality of these photos above, this was taken on an “old fashioned” camera, 15 years ago!)

So what does it look like now?

We went back to check our work, as we some times do and the next photo was taken in 2015, many years after the work, and to prove it note the traffic island that was not there before.

The same house ten years later
The same house ten years later. Peverell park Road, Plymouth

So as you can see, if you take away all the sales patter on the site (LOL!) you will see that all along we have been telling the truth.

If you let us paint your house with our special wall coatings then it will carry on looking great for the next 20 years.

If you have a house in Plymouth that needs a good “sort out” and the local painter and decorator is too busy, why not give our Plymouth office a call instead on 0800 970 4928.

We have had offices in the City of Plymouth since 1984

Now and again we go and take a good look at some of our old jobs, and this one, by a busy main road in Plymouth was no exception. We added some images to the gallery above.

That is one of the great things about the wall coatings we use is that they last a hell of a long time, and for the doubting Thomases out there, here is proof that our paint system does actually do what it is intended to do, and it does last as long as we say.

Of course we have painted a lot more houses in Plymouth, and the southwest in general than just this one, so if you are looking for a decorator in Plymouth to paint your property then get in contact with us!

telephone-us on 0800 970 4928

All work and materials guaranteed for 20 years

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