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If you don’t own a house, we cannot give a quote, not yet anyway!

We very much enjoy hearing from a wide range of people all across the country every week and we pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service, but there are some times we cannot help you, but all is not lost…….

Of the 100 to 200 calls and emails we get each week, there are sometimes that we cannot help a caller because they do not own the house they are interested in getting a quote for some home improvements, so why can’t we help?

Here is why we can only help home owners, but don’t despair, it’s just not the right time to contact us.


Are you ashamed of your house?


If you are not familiar with our website and what it offers, very briefly, we offer a range of exterior home improvement services, including rendering, damp proofing, painting and masonry coatings.

One of the most reassuring things about our services, so our customers tell us, is the fact that all work comes with a 20 year insurance-backed warranty so once we finish the work, the customer has no more worries at all and does not have to pay out for any further work, or painting, for over 20 years!

It’s very easy to contact us via this website, by phone, or on social media.


We are only able to deal with your request, if you are the current, legal owner of the house in question.


This means that unless you own the house, NOW, it would best to wait until you actually DO become the owner.

Why do we have this policy?

We have this policy in place for a variety of reasons:

Privacy and data protection. We value the privacy of data and people’s right to privacy and if someone is selling a house, the last thing they want is people like us around pushing and prodding the property. Visiting a home that you do not own, or are “thinking of buying” would not only require written permission from the current, legal, owner, it is, in our experience, something that the vendor of a home does not generally want.

Security and safety, of both our staff, the current owner, and of yourselves. If someone was injured accidentally whilst viewing the property to give a quote, who would take liability? We could be sued, or worse, you could.

The (high) likelihood of the sale falling through: It happens, all too often. By which time we would have spent our own time and money coming to see the house and providing a survey and written quote, only for it to go in the bin as you are not buying the house any more. (we aren’t a charity!)

Potential abuse of our services: We have had in the past, people who think they can call us and get a survey of a property they are interested in purchasing, for free (as it always is) instead of paying a surveyor to give a report on the condition of the house pre-sale.

This restriction also applies to tenants; we cannot help you if you are a tenant and you would best advised to get your landlord or housing provider to contact us directly.


Do yourself a favour and choose a wall coating!


“I am thinking of buying a certain property, can I send the details to you?”


Sorry but no, not yet. Once again, we would be unable to help you.

Many people who are browsing houses online send us multiple estimate requests, of which almost all are rejected by the office as we could be in a situation where we survey and quote many houses before the client actually buys one of them. This would cost us an inordinate amount of money and time and we will not entertain it.

“Although I am not (yet) the owner, we have put in an offer, which has been accepted, and I am near to completion, can you give us a quote to do the house up?”

Nope, sorry.

However, if you are past the “just looking” stage but you don’t yet own, but probably will, by all means make contact with us, but until those documents are signed and the place is yours, we have to wait until that becomes a reality before we send someone to see you.


positive attitude at never paint again

“So essentially, if I do not own a house, I cannot get you to come out, look at it, and get quote unless I buy it?”

That is correct.

If you are looking to buy a property, please call or email us AFTER the sale has gone through, not before, and we would be delighted to help and advise you on how to put your own mark on the house, get it repaired, cure damp or bad render, get rid of awful pebbledash and get the exterior weatherproofed and painted at a great price, and a price only available to UK homeowners

To contact us, call 0800 970 4928, 7 days a week.

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