Cheltenham house with exterior wall coatings

Stucco House in Cheltenham painted and restored

Delving into the case studies archives we found an old post we published a few years back, about the time we refurbished a lovely old home in Cheltenham.

This stucco finished house with a classic Georgian façade was looking tired and required some restoration by our expert teams to preserve the fabric of the building.

Before beginning the NPA preparation system to the exterior walls repairs were made. 

This house in Cheltenham involved some rendering, and the removal and making good of large areas of unsound and flaking paint.

Due to the age of the building, we had to work WITH what we found, using traditional wall repair methods wherever possible, including the use of lime renders.

Firstly, what is stucco?

Stucco is a term used more over in America than here in the UK, but it is close enough to the sort of rendering we all know, but with such an old house to repair, we opted for the old fashioned method.

Stucco, in this case is probably best defined as an external render which is made from lime, sand and another additive as a binder that you may not realise:Horse hair!

Yes, some old nag somewhere in history gave its hair to help build the house and it is weird when you think about it, but that is how they used to do it. We used bristles from an old yard brush instead, to patch up the render on this home.

So anyway, this is what we started with

Old stucco house in Cheltenham
Old stucco house in Cheltenham

There were quite a few small and fiddly repairs to the walls before we could do anything about painting the property. It is of the highest importance that the external wall surface is adequately fixed and made good before we can apply any paint or coatings.

After all the render repairs and cracks were sorted, we masked up the windows with some paper and tape, as we do on each job. Then of course we had to protect the floor from paint splashes, so the dust sheets came out and were laid onto the floor.

We then hand applied a waterproof primer, which also gives the team a good surface to work with. We then sprayed the fine grade texture coating onto the house, making it maintenance free.

This is what it looked like when we finished painting

Georgian stucco house painted with a wall coating
Georgian stucco house painted with a wall coating

As you can see, once the walls were repaired, 2 coats of the NPA exterior wall system in a smooth finish, has transformed the look of this classic home. The exterior wall covering on this house will not fade, crack, chip or peel.

This house will not need repainting for at least 20 years, guaranteed.

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