Don't p*ss your next door neighbour off with the work!

Would website owners STOP stealing our work!

STOP copying this site please

Just a quick note, but if you are in the exterior wall coatings and house painting industry and you have, or want, a website, we will say for the FINAL time, stop copying this one please or you will face legal action.

NOTE: This is of course a “trade” message

(*Editor throws a tantrum but quite rightly so!)…….

Copyright warning

All text, videos, images, concepts, the lot, are protected under international law from being copied or redistributed without our express written consent.

Everything on this site is copyright Guy Alexander Bell and never paint again UK

I have lost count over the years of the people who think they can take text, photos, even my ideas and concepts, and re-word them etc and stick them on their own website.

This Wall coating website is where is it today partly because IT IS ORIGINAL and not copied. We at NPA have no problem or issue with a bit of competition, fair enough, but a jokes a joke, please someone IMPRESS ME and come up with something brand new that works, don’t take my hard work away from me please.

I gave up being “flattered” years ago. Taking material from THIS website to use on your own website to sell textured coatings is ILLEGAL and is THEFT.

Yes we were the 1st Wall coatings website to not be merely a half-baked advert; Yes we were (and still are) the first wallcoatings website to make use of a blog, yes we were also the first Exterior wall coatings and house painting website in the U.K. to take the subject seriously, despite at the time the industry big-wigs saying we were barking mad!

(“They” told me to bombard people with junk mail and telemarketing! We’ve never done that and never will!)

Our website originally started out with us posting various ads online, in 1998 and 1999 when the internet was very much still a novelty in the UK.

We then, in 2000 (i think?!) opened a small dedicated exterior wall coating website called, which was named after my 2 daughters, Lucie and Rebecca! Obviously, now we know this name was not suitable, but hey, we were newbies!

We then bought the URL in 2002 and have never looked back! We were the FIRST and we WON’T be beaten, not on price, not on quality and definitely NOT for informative and entertaining website content.

UPDATE JANUARY 7TH 2011: We have just had a load of content on a Scottish wall coating company website removed as they stole acres of content from us, or rather their crafty web designer did, and it was like it for a year and a half before we found out!

UPDATED JAN 18TH 2013, Yep, someone in Yorkshire is up to it now! Legal letters sent.

The ironic thing is, the web designer left in 3 of our links back to our CONTACT page!!!! And the beauty of that is that the rogue company unwittingly gave us free sales enquiries and business. Serves them right!

If you are a webmaster or web designer and have been commissioned to do a new website for a company that offers Exterior wall coatings, damp proofing walls, textured coatings and so on, DO NOT TAKE MY WEBSITE (THIS ONE) AS YOUR TEMPLATE.

I should also like to remind potential plagiarists that this website is copy protected, so if you copy us, a little “bot” comes and visits your site and reports back to me!

In addition, our site content and images are protected under the laws set out in the 1988 Copyright Designs and patents Act, infraction of which (by ripping our site off) can end with a court appearance and a hefty fine.

***Click here to find  more information on UK copyright laws.***

This wall coatings website and the exterior coatings BLOG, is the personal work of Guy Alexander Bell, an ex University of Plymouth Graduate, and has taken the past 8 or 9 years to be what it is today. It is protected by trade mark and also under the 1988 Copyright designs and patents act.


Thank you.

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