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Scotland wall coatings and house painting services

Do you own a house in Scotland that needs a wee bit more than just a coat of paint this year?

You’re not alone, but don’t worry, our team can help you with exterior painting from day one right through to the finish, at a price that suits you!

Never Paint Again Wall Coatings and house painting in Scotland can offer you top class service in repairing and weatherproofing the exterior of your home, no matter where in Scotland you happen to reside.

Our Scottish wall coating installation teams can make your home dry, warm and welcoming in usually less than a week, and at a great price too!

updated 10th May 2021: we no longer offer service in Scotland

As many of you will know, Scotland is renowned for it’s rather “interesting” weather patterns, receiving in some places in the western highlands, almost 4,577 mm of rain per year, making it once of the wettest places in Europe!

Although there are drier parts of the country too, all this wet weather does not do a lot of good to your house, and in many cases can cause you problems over time.

Our exterior wall coatings, supplied and installed by factory trained teams and is guaranteed for 20 years!

It will also render the outside of the property totally waterproof, resistant to rain, sleet and snow, without damaging the paint finish at all.

Having one of our value-for-money external coatings fitted onto the walls of your house means that not only will it look great, it will be WARMER in winter time, saving you money, plus it will stop damp, mould, moss, mildew and condensation on the windows too.

Instead of painting the exterior of your house in Scotland every year, consider the reasons why loads and loads of properties, both large and small, across the country, have benefited from the genuine Never Paint Again exterior wall coating!

Here is an example of a house we painted in Scotland

front of house after wall coatings in scotland

Our wall coverings are more similar to a very thick and durable paint, and instead of using a brush, the coating is applied by our teams with a very special spraying machine, which fuses the paint coating onto the walls, meaning it fills in every nook and cranny and doesn’t need re-doing for up to 20 years.

Once our exterior wall coating is applied to the outside of your house, It cuts wind chill,making the inside of your house feel MUCH more cosy and welcoming AND should save you money on future heating bills!

Want to see some of our previous work in Scotland?

No problem at all, we have loads of completed wall coatings examples to show you, they are some on this site to and our agents have even more examples to show you if you decide to request a FREE home appraisal and survey from our surveyors.

This service is FREE and WITHOUT pressure or obligation, it is just the best way for us to advertise, and show people what we do.

You are then given a price in writing with your report, for any work required, and its then up to you!
Want to come back to us after a few days to think?  No Problem, we are never far away and are more than happy to pay a 2nd visit to answer more questions about having a wall coating on your house in Scotland

Not only will your house look fabulous,  you wont have to get it painted or repaired for at least 20 years and THAT is guaranteed.

We repair and paint Hotels, bars and pubs too, not just houses!

You don’t need to be a home owner to benefit from our long life weatherproof painting system because we also have a commercial department which takes care of larger jobs, such as the Hotel above.

We cover “MOST OF” Scotland although saying that, there are very few of the Scottish Islands that we cover due to the practicalities and expense of getting our team there.

Why not get in contact with us with an initial chat over the phone?

You can call us free on 0800 970 4928

What do our customers in Scotland think of us?

“A very nice job, my place looks super! The bricks were re-pointed in a very ingenuous fashion and now painted with your coatings, I can still see the liens of the bricks, but the house is a lovely colour all over and has retained the character of the wee place. I would of course recommend your wall painting. Brilliant.”

Mr. “A”. Glasgow.

“A clean, tidy, polite team did my house in 2006 and we called NPA back to complete the wall coating on our new extension and the colour and texture match perfectly! Well done Never Paint Again!”

Mr. and Mrs. McTaggart. Motherwell area

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