School holidays: The ideal time to get your house painted!

School’s out! Yes it’s that time of year again when our pride and joy mope around the house saying they are bored and parents tear their hair out wondering how to keep the kids entertained?

Well, if like me you opted for a Staycation this year, the summer is the ideal time to get some of those jobs done around the house with the good weather (so they tell us….) and long daylight hours, those jobs can be done quicker than if you attempted them in the winter.

So you can understand why are we telling you that NOW is a great time to get your house exterior painted, and a host of other jobs too! Remember, winter will soon be here!

Home improvements that are ideal for the school holiday.

First and foremost, the summer time is a great time of year to sort those jobs that you have been putting off and putting off for some time but now you have run out of excuses, get outside and see what needs doing. Easter holidays can be a good time to get things done too.

(Or you can stay indoors and watch “Ben and Holly’s Magic Kingdom”, or “Peppa pig”, with the kids for the BILLIONTH time, your choice…..)

Its summer and a great time to have your house painted

Check and clean the gutters

This is an ideal time to take a look at the guttering outside your home to see if anything looks amiss.

If there are cracked pipes, replace them, they don’t cost a lot, and if you can see a stain down a pipe where a join is, that means its leaking and you can easily fix this using a strong outdoor tape, or by using a silicone sealant. You will be glad you did this now and not when the rain comes.

Cracked and faulty downpipes can cause leaks of water into the house, which can not only cause mould, but it can ruin paintwork and wallpaper so if it needs to be done, get it done now.

Tidy the garden up, and get the kids to help!

They never need be bored if the garden needs a trim, the bushes need cutting or the place just generally needs tidying up. Kids love to get involved so write down some tasks for them to do, such as sweep the path, or cut the grass and they will be as happy as Larry.

summer house we also did in their beautiful garden

Obviously grass cutting with a powered mower needs a competent teenager (if such a thing exists), one that has been shown how to use a mower, and NOT a 4 year OLD CHILD!

Thinking of selling this year? Now is the time to stage your home to sell.

Home staging is all the rage over in the America and even estate agents over here, the proactive ones anyway, can sell a house if it is made to look much neater, tidier and free of defects.

KERB APPEAL. Estate agents go on about it all the time, and with good reason. It’s a great time also to de-clutter your home, even if you are not planning to sell. Get rid of unwanted items, take clothes and old toys to the charity shop and do some good for others at the same time.

The summer holidays gives you time to have a think about how to go about this and can include things so simple such as gardening, painting the outside of the house, tidying and cleaning the drive and garage, de cluttering the interior, getting rid of smells and so on.

There are lots of things that you can do to make your house easier to sell on the open market.

 House painting in Liverpool with NPA textured wall coating

Get the outside of your house painted!

OK we are a house painting company so excuse me for mentioning this, but……….

It stands to reason that the summer time is the best time to have your house painted but many people worry about having workmen around when the kids are at home. That’s a good point and good to be safety aware but our teams are fully trained to work alongside your lifestyle and we can accommodate any situation.

Our men are well trained, professional and clean, no bad language, no noisy radios on, it’s all hands on deck when we work on your home. We don’t just paint we can also do repairs and alterations too.

Having the house painted in July or August or even September, means that it is less likely the men will be rained off and more likely that, with good weather, and long daylight hours, a typical house for our teams to paint would take 3 to 4 days, less if it’s a small house or bungalow.


So there is no need to worry about having workmen around for weeks or months on end, we can be in and out in no time, leaving you with not only a great looking home, but one with a paint finish that lasts nearly 25 years!

Yes, 25 years! That beats normal house painting hands-down, and you can probably guess this also saves you a lot of time and money in the future as you will not have to have the house painted again for a very long time.

Getting the job done now is also good for us as the paints we use dry quicker in the summer. As our coatings are 20 times the thickness of normal paints, a quicker drying time means we finish the work quicker.

What is different about having NPA paint your house?

The main difference is that unlike your local painter, often plodding on in his own time, spending only a couple of hours on site,  our teams contain 2 or 3 men, meaning the job gets done quickly. In addition, we SPRAY our coatings, we don’t paint them on, which once again, means the job gets done very quickly and without mess, hassle or fuss.

Our repair and paint system means that once we finish, your home will look great for the next 20 years, long after the kids have left school! LOL

How do I arrange a quote?

That’s easy. Just click on the CONTACT button below, or give us a call on 0800 970 4928

Regardless of method, we are here 7 days a week to help you and a chat costs nothing, after all, it’s the school holidays so get in contact today, you will be glad you did!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays, they won’t last long……


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