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Save money and get your house exterior painted by Never Paint Again

Are you looking to get your house painted and/or rendered this year?

Money tight?  Here is a win-win situation.

We need your help, to show off our work in certain areas and we will give you a crazy 40% off if we can use your house on our website to show others!

Why would we be offering such a generous discount?

Is this some marketing ploy or sales tactic, whereby we artificially RAISE the cost, then lower it again to seem like a great deal?


We are looking to gain footholds in certain areas, and as a successful business, we can well afford to give away such a good deal, and we are offering this to people who live in selected counties.

All we ask is that you let us display the before and after images of your home, on our website, showing others how good our exterior wall coating system is and also the other things is to let us display an advert board outside your house, like in the image below.


We'll give you a big discount if we can erect this board outside your house
We’ll give you a big discount if we can erect this board outside your house

How often should my house need painting?

That depends on a variety of factors such as local weather conditions, personal preference and budget, the overall condition of the property itself, however as a rule houses need to be painted at least every 2 years.

This doesn’t include any repairs that are needed over time such as replacing wall rendering.

Imagine the money saved if you only have to pay someone to paint it every TWENTY FIVE YEARS!! That is our system, its ultra tough, long lasting and durable, with weather beating ingredients mixed into the paint.

So if we paint your house, it is good for 25 years, guaranteed for 20.

Why is NEVER PAINT AGAIN giving money away?

No, we haven’t gone mad, but using this method of promotion is by far the best way to showcase our products, especially as our products are custom made for each individual house and for each client, so it is impossible for us to have a showroom, so we want your home to be a showroom, of sorts.

We don’t reveal your name or address, only the town and county your house is located in. and you don’t get any sales calls, or people turning up at your house, your privacy is always respected and upheld.

What do you get?

Well, first and foremost from the moment you email us, you will receive top quality customer service from trained operatives. You will get courtesy and respect, something that some of the “one man bands” that quote against us for silly money, don’t know how to!

Get your house painted at a fraction of what the others charge!

When our surveyor visits your home, you will not get a sales pitch, nor will you get any pressure or sales talk, we are there to help you.

We show you what we do, we take a look at your house, and we come up with a solution for you. We give you a price, in writing, for you to think about or compare quotes with our exterior wall coating companies.

We paint your home with a long life exterior wall coating

Yes, we don’t use paint, which you may find odd, seeing as this is a website devoted to the art of painting houses, but we use a similar material that is far more long-lasting, and is applied by specialist teams.

We can turn your house from this……

 bungalow before wall coatings

…into something resembling this..!

 A bungalow after exterior wall coatings

So here’s the deal, for 40% off.

If you contact NPA and ask us to quote you for a house paint job, with our special wall coatings, and you agree and want to go ahead, if you agree to have a signboard outside for a few weeks, and you agree to have the before and after images, like above, on our site, we will give you a genuine 40% off our standard prices, without question.

Of course we can only do this for a few houses, so ask us if your postcode area is included in this discount scheme when you call, or email the company.

If it isn’t don’t worry, we have other discount schemes that may be applicable, so contact us to find out more, and save thousands on exterior home maintenance with NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK.

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