A house in Berkshire with a NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating-min

Repairing rendering on a house in Berkshire, and then applying a wall coating with a 20 year guarantee

We offer a full house painting and decorating service in and around Berkshire. We specialise in repairs to render and applying wethertex exterior masonry coatings

The proven promise of 2 decades of a maintenance free building, saving a heck of a lot of time, money and hassle was something that attracts many people to contact us year in and year out. Here’s just one example of our work, which I hope will convince you to get in touch with us..

There are literally hundreds of case studies on this website, so I will try and be brief and not repeat what has been said many times over before.

Here is a taste of the textured exterior wall coating work we did to a property in Berkshire.

We have worked all across this county, painting the houses of Berkshire, both rural and urban, with our long life house paint system, although we do actually offer service across England, Wales and much of Scotland. We are the largest exterior wall coating contractor in the UK.

The first thing the team do when they arrive is to speak to the customer and run through the work schedule with them, clarifying any points and explaining in plain English the work they will be doing.

On this house, the scaffolding had already been erected before we arrived.

Side of Berkshire house with scaffolding-min

As you can see if your home has a conservatory like this place, access above is not a problem for us and we have many clever solutions to span a conservatory or extension to gain access to the walls.

This stage you can see us masking up the house so we don’t make any mess whilst we work on creating a new finish for the external walls.

We also cover the ground with dust sheets to prevent any spills or mess.

We then started work on the repairs, which in this case were several cracks where the weather has pounded against the wall, causing small areas of render to come away from the wall surface.

We spanned the conservatory with scaffolding

Side of berkshire house during repairs-min

Quite apart from the repairs we also need to stabilise the surface in readiness for the wall coatings, so if you look at the bricks on the ground floor of the house, you may notice the bricks are now a cement colour.

This is a hand-applied coating known as a bagging coat, which fills in any gaps in the bricks, including the pointing, so when the coating is sprayed onto the wall, you will still see the outline of the bricks, carefully preserving the character of the house.

Here’s the work in progress from the front of the house.

As you can see, it has been masked up, a bagging coat (cement slurry) applied and now we are in the process of applying the weatherproof primer coat to the house, once again, carefully by hand.

Applying primer to the walls after cement slurry bagging coat-min

We of course have to wait for the cement slurry to dry before we can apply the primer.

Once the primer is dry (see below) we then get the spray machine out of the van and connect it to an air compressor, while one of the labourers starts mixing up the coating in huge drums, ready to be introduced into the paint lines of the pump.

Then the spray operator tests the gun, adjusts the mixture of air and paint to enable the optimum settings for spraying a textured, protective masonry coating.

Here we can see the walls have been repaired and the primer coating is being applied

Primer dry and ready for spraying wall coating-min

Spraying the top coat is by far the quickest part of the whole process, but this is only achieved through meticulous preparation, because we offer a comprehensive 20 year warranty, we have to ensure the job is done by the book and 100% correct and it is this attention to detail our customers love.

Here is the finished article, a weatherproof coating applied to this house in Berkshire.

A house in Berkshire with a NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating-min

Looks good eh?

The coating we applied to this house is 20 times the thickness of normal masonry paint and the finish achieved is far better and far higher quality than masonry paint.

This house will not need painting again for over 20 years because it now benefits from our textured exterior wall coating system.

Contact us today and find out how much this painting system would cost on your house.

Contact us today by phone on 0800 970 4928 or by email. You can click on the CONTACT button, complete the application form (which is on a secure connection) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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