rendering using angle beads

What the hell are “angle beads” and where are they used?

Never paint again are well known as being experts in external wall rendering so we are going to briefly explain when we use things called angle beads when rendering.

Whether it is just one of our well known invisible  repairs, or a full re-render, we have the skills, tools and knowledge to do a first class job every time!

Wall rendering is also sometimes referred to as exterior plastering, but plaster is not generally used externally due to its delicate nature so in most cases a mixture of sand and cement to create a mortar is used.

Rendering the exterior of a wall has many functions, the most prominent being that of weather protection, and also, combined with a paint or exterior coating, the wall can have decorative functions too, whilst being fully weatherproof.

Rendering corners with angle beads

Rendering jobs are not always as straight forward for us to do as each house is different, but what happens when we render a house and we come to a corner?

Well the best way to deal with this is to use what is now as EML – expanded metal lathe, and CORNER BEADS, sometimes called ANGLE BEADS, which are a small sectional straight piece of equipment to mould and shape the corner and made form either stainless steel, or Upvc.

Straight edges every time!

reinstating mouldings with render
Using angle beads to restore a Victorian porch

It is very important, for a professional wall finish, to make sure that all corners are “true” and straight, and that includes the edges of windows and other openings, known as “reveals”.

We quite often use angle beads when we restore the exterior of an older house, such as the one in this picture, which was a Victorian villa in Torquay, Devon, completed back in 2001.


Whilst many exterior wall coating companies will not respect the original look and feel of a property and just plaster the walls with some sort of “muck” and then disappear with the clients money, our experienced surveyors work with you to achieve a great looking house that still retains its character.

All the angle beads we use in our work are fully approved and specified by architects and they meet BS EN 13658-2:2005 which is the standard for the design of these types of aids to exterior house rendering.

Whilst still on the subject of British building standards, all rendering we do complies as near as possible to the British & European Standard for the design and application of external render (BS EN 13914-1:2005).

Bell casts or drip beads for renders.

We finish looking at the special beads by mentioning a similar product, called drip beads or bell casts which are used horizontally, to made a protruding base where the render finishes near to the bottom of the wall.

This is important because any water that runs down the wall will then “drip” off the bottom and not enter the bricks beneath the damp course, which could possibly cause damp over time.

Not only this, the use of beads (instead of old bits of timber your local builder finds lying in the street!) ensures a premium exterior wall rendering job, but at LOW internet prices.

Every time we do an exterior wall coating job which needs rendering, we always use the best materials we can.

Why not look through our gallery archive, which shows you various rendering jobs, and has hundreds of high quality photos to browse through.

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