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A white textured exterior wall coating for this Surrey property, and you cannot see the repairs!

We specialise in repairing, restoring and weatherproofing homes with render on the outside, and here is a good example of our work, a property in Surrey!

We often get our installation teams to take photos before, after and of course during, the work they do, it’s a great way to show off our work, and of course helps avoid me having to explain time and time again what we do!

So here’s a brief outline of the job. If you like what you see, and would like to discuss this process on your own home, give us a call, we don’t bite (!) and you may be surprised just how affordable this process could be.

External renovation of a rendered house in Surrey with textured wall coatings.

This house was located in a popular area in Surrey.

Where in Surrey I hear you ask?

Well, we can’t tell you which street; if we posted our customers addresses on this website they would not be very happy, and we treat all details as confidential, but just to let you know we work across the whole of Surrey, including Epsom, Merton, Motspur park, Kingston, Ewell, Woking, Guildford, and so on.

Here’s what we started with. A forlorn looking house on a typical Surrey street.

surrey front during work

As you can see, it doesn’t look great just yet does it?

The house has had several additions and alterations in recent years,  and it was our job to make good, cover up and then carry our additional rendering repairs to several areas across the outside.

The repairs and corrections included cracks, loose paint and hollow or loose rendering.

Every job we do, we ALWAYS carry out necessary repairs, ensuring that once we leave, your home exterior is completely maintenance free for up to 25 years.

Here is a shot of the side wall during work. As you can see we also carry out alterations

Blocking up an old window on a house

As you can see, we bricked up a door and window for the customers as part of the job.

Although we are exterior wall specialists, we are flexible, and can work with you to combine any other work you are having done, so that you only need us, the ONE company, instead of calling out several tradesmen.

We find this also saves our clients money and hassle!

Hands up whose local decorator would go to this lengths to make the house sound and in good order before painting?

So after blocking off these 2 areas, we covered them over with a render coating and once our top coat is sprayed onto the wall, these repairs will NOT be seen ever again!

It’s worth remembering the poor condition of the exterior walls before we applied our wall coating

repairs to rendering
It doesn’t look great yet, but it will do…

So, now all the repairs have been carried out, what’s next?

The house was then masked up and protected from overspray from the machine, we applied a thick coating of primer and allowed to dry.

We then laid dust sheets down on the paths and sprayed our legendary NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall textured masonry coating system, which fuses the paint onto the walls and gives a paint film thickness 20 times that of normal masonry paint, with a 20 year warranty to boot!

And what a difference a spray makes!

surrey house side after painting

WOW! Where did those repairs disappear to?


Compare the 2 images to see what a massive difference we brought to this lovely Surrey property and doesn’t it scrub up well with a wall coating eh?

This exterior wall surface will need no painting at all, and will carry on looking bright and white for over 20 years! And no it is not as expensive as you may think. The job took 4 days to complete.


And here is the final article, the front of the house, with our famous NPA wall coating system on the walls.

Surrey house front after wall coating


You don’t have to live in Surrey to benefit from our textured exterior wall coating system, we work across the whole of England, Wales and Scotland, meaning that no matter where you live, no matter what condition your house is in at present, call us and NEVER PAINT AGAIN!

Give us a call for an informal chat today, on FREEphone 0800 970 4928


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