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Remember! Repairs, rendering, renovation!

Hi! I’m sat here in glorious Devon, looking at out of the office window on a sunny bank holiday weekend! What are you doing with your time this bank holiday?

It’s a great occasion to get all those niggly jobs done around the house that you know you have to do, but often either can’t be bothered, or just lack the knowledge to do.

Renovation sounds scary, big and expensive, but it depends on what exactly you plan to renovate or refurbish, because if you get it right, you could be quids in!

OK, I work for the company and LOVE what I do, so I don’t mind taking an hour or two to pen this “guff” I write about (!), but for a lot of people, the bank holiday is a time to relax and chill, and contrary to popular belief, some people actually don’t enjoy doing DIY!

So what’s the solution? Getting work done around the house can be expensive, although there is certainly some stuff you yourself can get stuck into around the home that require very little effort and cost.

There are things you can do this weekend if you have some free time on your hands, and all the family can join in too (if you can convince them! Why not have a good cleanup and tidy of the house or the garden, for example?

If you get the kids involved, you could promise them a reward for helping, although if they are anything like my kids, they love to help Dad anyway!

What can you do around the house of a weekend?

Well, I always say that before you do anything, make a list!

A list can be just one page of bullet points, or even a scatter diagram, with a few ideas or keywords written down, such as clean the front garden, sweep the drive, tidy the garage, paint the fence, and so on.

Then of course note down if you need anything to carry out the work, such as tools, brushes, paint and so on.

Of course if it is raining, then you need to focus your attention on internal jobs, but if like today, it is nice and sunny, then look to do exterior work, or “make hay when the sun shines” as the saying goes, and looking out the office window (see the photo below), I’m going to be doing some exterior maintenance.

plympton, devon 2013
Plympton, Devon, nice and sunny!

OK, I have experience in a wide range of exterior home improvements, but if you are not an expert in all things “housey”, don’t worry, there’s plenty more you can do besides.

So now you have your list, why not start outside, with the easy things first, so make some space somewhere and put all the tools and equipment you need to get started, but of course keep kids and pets away from any tools, paint or chemicals as you don’t want to spend your weekend at the hospital I assure you.

I’m sure you will have fun doing a bit of work around the place, and it can be good exercise too, however work safe and don’t take any risks, if you are not sure, call a professional company in to do the work instead, you may be surprised if you shop around, you can get stuff done fairly cheaply, but never ever choose the cheapest, because cheap tradespeople are usually cheap for a reason.

Because they are crap….

So if the thought of a bit of hard work horrifies you then what sort of work can you get a tradesman to do around the house? Let’s have a look shall we?

Getting “a man” in!

Of course they are women tradespeople too, it largely depends on what work you want doing, but political correctness aside, it’s normally a fella.

a painter and decorator
Where shall I start first Madam?!

A great way to make sure you don’t choose the WRONG tradesman is to ask around to see if you know anyone who knows someone if you see my point. It’s likely that if, for example, a decorator like the young man above, did a good job on your workmate’s house, then you stand a good chance of them doing a good job on your property too!

What type of work normally gets done?

It largely depends on your own circumstances and how much work your house needs really.

If your walls have cracks, then don’t ignore them because they can do a lot of damage if not fixed, and if you want to sell your house this year, that will be picked up in the survey and your home will sell for less, so do yourself a favour and get them fixed properly, which does NOT mean shoving some silicone in the cracks and hoping for the best.

Get some work done around the house

If your home needs a new paint finish then consider something long life life an exterior wall coating which will not need to be painted for a very long time. In fact if your exterior walls are scruffy then once again, getting that type of work done will increase it’s value.

What to look for when choosing a tradesman.

Make sure, like I said above try and go for someone who can be recommended to you. If that is not an option, look online, especially for companies who have reviews you can read.

Not all companies will have 100% positive opinions, in fact that is quite rare and you cannot please everyone all the time, however if the majority of clients seems pleased, well, that is surely a good indication of the quality you would expect.

Do not go for the cheapest quote either, you will regret it!

Always go for a builder or painter with a website which has all their contact details on, plus a physical land line and location,  although bear in mind many builders do not have offices and work from home, this is pretty normal nowadays.

If you need anything doing to the exterior such as rendering or painting then why not  give ME a call on 0800 970 4928?

I, or one of my colleagues can attend your home, give you a free and full survey of the exterior, and point out any issues your home may have. We also explain how to cure them, so you get some free DIY advice too.

I hope this article has been of some value to you and please make sure you share this around your social channels and spread the good news! See you soon!

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